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    Default Iowa couple headed to CN

    Greetings all. We are so excited to be leaving the snowy weather in (Quad Cities) Iowa and headed to CN December 27 - January 3. We have been reading the message boards regularly and gained lots of helpful tips and advice. We have had this booked for over 3 months and now we can finally say we are in the final countdown week to paradise!! We can hardly wait to experience CN for the first time and ring in the new year there. If you are going to be there during this time, give us a shout out and we would love to hear from you. Also, if there are any other Hawkeye fans that are going to be there during this time let us know, we plan to cheer them on on the 28th.

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    Your going to love it!!! Have fun and relax don't try and do to much or you miss the reason you went. The last two times we were at CN was during the Hawks last game so i would run from the beach to a computer to check scores, I had the pool staff singing the fight song.

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    The weather here in northern Iowa stinks.

    Have a great time in Jamaica. You will love it. Bring back some warm memories.


    Life is good

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    Hi Iowa! We will be leaving Alabama Dec. 26 and staying until Jan. 2 at CN. Although we've only experienced flurries, we're ready to get out of here and into some sunshine. We are looking forward to meeting some new people. See you there!

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    Default Some more Hawk Fans! CN: 12/26 - 1/2

    Hi! We live in MN now, but are Iowa alumn and will be at CN the 26th through the 2nd. We are traveling with our friends from Cedar Rapids. The four of us have Hawkeye Season tickets and you can count on us to be wearing our hawkeye shirts and to be watching the game! This is our first time to CN as well! We look forward to meeting you in paradise!

    Todd and Julie Buckner

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    I cannot even escape hawkeye fans in Jamaica! Jeez.

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    GO HAWKS!!! (well, what's left of them anyway)
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    CN 2006, CSS 2009, CN 2009, CN 2010, CTI 2010, CN 2011, CSS 2012, CN 2012, CN 2013, CSA 2014, CN 2014, CSA 2015, CN 2015, CN 2016, CN 2018, CN2019

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    Hey QCA Couple.... We are from QCA also... But we are on the Moline side! We have been to CN 5 years in a row! Your gonna love it!! I dream everyday of going back. We do not have any plans of going back October 2011, which makes me sad.
    Have a wonderful time... I would love to know what you think when you get back... I also have the most amazing packing list, its been modifyed over the last 5 years specificly for CN, if you would like it for any last minute double checking on your packing list - email me at LIPS75 @ Mchsi . Com

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    A quick post on this as we have watched MANY Badger Bowl games in Negril and Packer football games (Can you tell what state we live in? But I went to school in Iowa so.... GO HAWKS!)

    Anyway if you want to watch the game go to Margaritaville. They have really put a lot of money into it and its almost like a 2 story sport's bar. Lots of BIG TV's to watch all the games and it's really a lot of fun.

    Have fun and leave us some rum! We arrive on 1/2 at CN so maybe we will catch you on your last night!

    Go BIG 10!!!!

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    Hi QCA Couple we are from the QCA area but we go to CN in July, we were wondering where you were flying out of? We usually do the Park Sleep & Fly out of O'Hare. It will be our fourth trip to CN in July. We think you will be in for quite a surprise,the people, the food and the beach will make you feel like your are truly in paradise.

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    What a small world! We are also from the Quad Cities as well. My husband and I were married at Couples Negril in January '08. You will absolutely love it! Simply Paradise!! Have a great trip and Happy Holidays.

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    Hey! We live in Cedar Rapids, and will be in CN through 12/31 with our friends from MN. I am an Iowa alum and can't wait to cheer on the Hawks from Negril. This will also be our first time to a Couples resort, and we cannot wait! Did you see the high temp in eastern Iowa is going to be in the teens on Sunday? Glad to miss that!! We will see you there!

    Kristin and Ross Heggen

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    Hey, we are originally from D'port/B'dorf! We won't be at CN until jan12 though we will be watching our hawks from NC though on the 28th! On Iowa!!! Enjoy your trip!

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    We are leaving "cold" Michigan arriving on the 27th staying until Jan 1st.

    This is our 3rd time to CN - you are going to love it!

    See you soon. Merry Christmas!

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    Default Quad City Jamericans

    Hi! We are from Port Byron and just love CN. It is our second home!

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    Chris and Denny: We do the park and fly out of O'Hare. We fly on USA3000. It is half the price of Delta!

    I am from Bettendorf and my husband is from LeClaire. We live in Port Byron now. Small world!

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    It sure is a small world! We are Don & Lou from Rock Island, IL. We have visited CN(08), CSS(09), and CTI(10). We always fly out of Moline with a connecting flight in Memphis. You are gonna love the Couples family!!

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    Hi Kaityogill, Nice to see so many people from the area that have fallen in love with CN We have heard of USA3000 but haven't spoken to anyone about their experience also what is there schedule? We would love to have a nonstop flight. We are headed back to CN in July 2011.

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    GO HAWKS!!!

    Have faith Wally.

    Life is good

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    Chris and Denny. USA3000 is the only way to go! It is only on Sunday. Direct flight from Chicago at 6 to CN by lunch. Leaves at 11:30 back in QCA by 7! We go to Chicago Sat and have a Giordannos pizza and park and fly. It is about 150 pp one way. SOOOOOO much less than Delta and direct and nice crew.

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    This is a small world. I didn't know so many people from the QC went to Couples, LOL! We got married at Couple Ocho Rios (2007)and spent our 1st anniversary there. Now going to try Couples Negril and meet up with the couples who stood up with us when we got married. Can't wait for Jan. 18th!

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    Default hello QCA

    We are from the QCA and also love CN. We will be there in July for our son's wedding. I've lost count of how many times we've been to CN! You will LOVE it

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    We are also from the Quad Cities.
    We are flying USA3000, but with AppleVacations.
    They changed our flight times and will not get to
    MB until 8:00 pm. Then, we do not return back to
    O'Hara until 12:00 am on Feb 6.

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    We need to have a CN party here! Maybe to see the "Boat Drunks"? In Jan or Feb they do that benefit at the RiverCenter in Davenport. Anyone?

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    My husband and I also live in Port Byron! We were born and raised in Moline, but moved "out" to Port Byron in '04 when our son was just 6 months old. We love it! Do you have any kids at Riverdale?
    Who knows . . . maybe we have run into one another at a school event or "Its"? LOL Would love to hear back from you.

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