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    Wow we didn't know that there was such a large Couples following here in the QCA. That sounds like a great idea to get together. We think we will take USA3000 on Thursday and then the nonstop flight on American the following Saturday.

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    HI there from Clinton,Ia
    We have been to Couples once in early December. Flew USA3000 6am fight. Great having a direct flight. Plan on returning but trying the Negril side. Great that this many QCA folks love Couples.

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    We are from Moline and have been to CN 5 times. We used to park and fly out of Chicago but now fly out of Moline with Delta. Without the drive and hotel stay the price is about the same and flight times are very good. Used to travel in Jan or Feb but have switched to October. Prices are cheaper at CN then and the pool water is warmer. We should have a CN reunion here in the Quads. Its amazing the amount of ppl who go to Couples from here locally. We have a trip planned for Oct 2011 again. Cant wait.

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    Default QC couples

    I had no idea that there were so many "Couples" couples in the QC area. We were at CN in August and had a great time. We loved Otaheite and ate there three times, the steak was the best. We asked to meet the chief one night and the next night another couple asked to meet him.
    Thanks for the travel tips. We usually fly out of the QC and are headed back in March on Delta. We're going to CSS which is our favorite of all the Couples. I think it would be great for a QC area get together.
    Kaityogill- I grew up in PB but live in East Moline now.

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    Chris and Denny: I didn't know American flies nonstop out of Moline to MoBay?
    Mastiff08: Our kids are grown (yea!) but did go to Riverdale. We go to It's and Jimmy Lee's! What a small world!
    Izzy: We have had too many close calls in Atlanta. The connection is close! We love to eat a Giordannos!

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    Also, last time we went we where on the bus with people from Colona, Thompson and Savanna! What are the odds? Must just be smart people from this area!!!!!!

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    We are getting married at Couples on 7/9/11 flying out of Moline. We have 8 couples right now leaving between July 4th and July 7th! See you there!

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