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    Have been to CSA in months of October and November. Am planning a trip in December. What can anyone tell me about the weather and/or how crowded the resort is at this time of year?

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    Even at 100% occupancy, it is not a big deal. I think it is busy right after thanksgiving, dies out a bit and then gets busy again.

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    I can't help ya but I would like to know the answer to this as well, considering I'll be getting married and honeymooning there in early December.

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    Default CSA in December outstanding.

    This will be our third visit the second week in December. The weather is fabulous; never a problem. I would suggest mid-December to anyone and it is right before high season. Such a deal!

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    We went over Christmas in 2007 and are going again this year. Weather was great, and CSA never seemed crowded to us. Even at Christmas dinner. We had a great time. Entertainment is a bit weak.

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    When I was there in Dec.the resort was full, but it never felt crowed. Water temp was in the 80's and beautiful sunny days. More windy than some other times of year.

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    Wow if you haven't booked your December travel to CSA by now you're way behind the 8-Ball. We were there the second week of last December and the place was booked solid. That's usually the week of the Triathalon hosted at CSA. We booked in March and our friends booked in June. They had to stay in Montego Bay the first night and then meet us at CSA the second day. They could only get a Garden Suite, the lowest class of room for their stay.
    As far as the weather it was awesome with 70s at night and mid 80 degrees during the day. Clouds did roll in from the West most nights and the sunsets weren't the greatest.
    I wish you luck.....ENJOY!

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    The first weekend of December is when CSA hosts the marathon/half-marathon and it's always booked full. Not that you'd notice it. The place is huge and never feels crowded. The weather is great, mid-80s during the day, still warm at night. You'll love it. Not sure what days you'll be there, but we'll be there from the 3rd - 10th. Enjoy.

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