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    Default delux ocean view room at cn

    have this room for 11 days in jan,whats the best building to ask for if i get a choice,first time at cn was at cti last year,thanks steve n kim

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    We were in bldg 8, room 8305 and were only 75 yards from the AN beach. Here is the view we had, both to the beach and slightly right toward the rest of the resort. We loved this location.
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    Steve and Kim, We like building 8 because it overlooks the pond and the view is great, but that building is up against the road and many people have an issue with the road noise. The first year we went, I thought I knew what building I would have preferred (6 or 9), but hadn't asked for anything. When we checked in, we got 8 and fell in love with it, so maybe if you don't ask and see what you get, you will be pleasantly surprised. If you don't like it, you can always kind of walk around and see if there is an area you prefer and ask if there is anything available, if you are willing to move.

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    Most of the ocean rooms (Note: it's ocean, not oceanview) are located in Buildings 7 and 8, which are right next to each other, so there isn't much difference. While some rooms do have a limited view, an ocean view is not guaranteed.
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    i wanted to say we were in building 5 last year, bottom floor....walk out to sand. It was perfect. There isnt a bad location at CN, if you have a better view, the distance to the pool and bars is further away. If you are close to them, the view isnt as good. either way you should be happy. What about CTI, we are heading there in 12 days?

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    backniawo,youll love cti,we stayed in the west wing 3rd floor the farthest room to the west,spectacular view,farthest from everything but well worth it,you can hear the waves hitting the rocks great spot thanks for all the info on the building cant wait steve n kim

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    we liked building 6,close to everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by spingirl View Post
    we liked building 6,close to everything
    Building 6 has Deluxe Beachfront rooms, no Deluxe Ocean rooms.
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    WE were in building 7 top floor ocean view room(the second room at the top of the stairs), we actually had a great view of the water considering most of the ocean views aren't really ocean views....and could see the beach too. Our balcony was just in the right spot to see between the trees
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    Isn't Building 5 and 6 considered beachfront? We have stayed in both and had booked beachfront rooms. I thought oceanview was only buildings 7 or 8

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    We stayed in #9 which is on the edge of the resort, closest to the AN beach. The advantage is you are situated away from the hub bub of the center, but everything is a very short stroll away!

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