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    Does anbody or Randy do you know if a web cam has ever been considered just to look at Couples when we are living our other life until we can get back? I would LOVEEE to just look at my CSA beach everyday till I can get there. Ever been considered?

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    This has been asked many times before. The answer is no. Would you like to think people are watching you when you're on your vacation? There are plenty of pictures on the message board and maybe when you go next time you can take some video. There are also various video's posted on youtube to enjoy.

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    I thought about that too. One problem would be that people are allowed to be topless on the beach so I don't know if it would be legal to have one. I think people would be upset if they were accidentally on it while topless.

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    Yes they have thought about them and Randymon has responded. Please see this tread.
    Irie Mon

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    Thought it would be nice to be able to catch a glimpse of the resort I wouldn't want myself on the internet and there's no way to avoid that...personally, hoping they never consider this option. There is a resort in Aruba that has or used to have one on their beach and there were always people on it, of course. Thanks but I'll look at my pictures.

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    This is a GREAT idea, and it can easily be installed in such a way to avoid privacy issues while still allowing viewers to see the weather and/or general festivities going on!

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