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    Default Sunset from CN beach

    Just wondering, does the sun set at this time of year behind the point looking out to sea on the left? Just looking at the last picture on Trip Advisor it looks like you don't get to see the sun drop completely behind the water! We are so excited and have never really seen a nice sunset so we are looking forward to this when we go to CN on Jan 15!

    25 more days!!!

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    January Sunset at Couples Negril

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    Take the catamarran cruise..... you will see a fantastic sunset.

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    The sunset from the Cat cruise is spectular. Here are photos I took on Sat 12/18
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    Stay at CSA. It has the best beaches and sunsets!

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    There is always the discussion going back and forth between CN and CSA about which one is better, better rooms, better beach, better food. Well in all of those other catergories it is really a matter of " to each his own". but in regards to the best sunsets this one is a no brainer CSA will win hands down everytime. You can look at the photo contest and tell the poeple who stayed at CSA without reading the caption just by looking at the sunset. We have never seen sunsets like that anywhere else on earth.

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    What Sublimebrad said. Awesome sunsets every night.

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