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    Default Can I Buy Water Shoes?

    Does anyone know if the gift shop at CSA sells water shoes?
    I know I won't need them for 7 mile beach but I will when we transfer to CSS. I've tried to find some here in Canada but no luck. Thanks all!

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    you won't need the water shoes at CSS's regular beach, but it may make it more comfortable at SSB since it's rockier type footing over there.

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    We got ours off of ebay. Maybe check there?

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    The gift shop at CSS might have water shoes. I don't remember. Guess I'm no help. Sorry....
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I purchased very nice ones at CN for like $8.00 as I had formed a blister on my foot and needed some protection on it as we walk the beach most of the day. Has a small Couples emblem on them and they are meade very well.

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    About a month ago, CSA had some green, black & yellow ones (Jamaican flag colors) for $6, mens and womens, in the Dis & Dat gift shop....

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    I always buy my water shoes at walmart or zellers in Canada.

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    I can't help with CSS, but I'm in Canada (Kingston) and was able to find them in Walmart, and for only $8. It might have been a seasonal thing though, as we bought them in May.

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    I agree with checking the internet...they are all over the place. Better safe than sorry. And actually, even on 7 mile beach there were places as we went walking where a lot of shells had washed up and we were glad to have them. Also, with the recent storms people were finding lots of glass washing up. Again, if you go walking along the beach it's not a bad idea to wear them. Saw one guy come back with a pretty good gash on his foot, said he got it on a piece of glass. The beach is gorgeous and it's not like there is glass or trash all over but there are pieces of glass sort of buried in the sand...just a for what it's worth. They aren't that uncomfortable.

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    I got mine at target, I got my wifes online.

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    We are in Ontario and they usually have them at Factory Shoe year round. They carry sandals in the winter too! Give them a try if you are near one.
    Good luck and have a wonderful time at CSS!!

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    Try Walmart or Target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marnies View Post
    I've tried to find some here in Canada but no luck.
    Did you try WalMart? We found watershoes there for a great price before our trip!

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    Thanks everyone! I love the sound of the Couples Logo ones and the Jamaican ones too! Now I am not sure if I want to buy them here at home even if I do find some!

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    I bought a new pair for myself on Amazon, and they were about $20 including shipping.

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    I bought water shoes last year at CSS gift shop.

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    Default has some awesome ones- I got a pair of Tevas there last time before our trip and used them to climb Dunn's River Falls. Plus they're all on sale/clearance right now.

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    i bought mine at kazwear swimwear in kitchenr ontario

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