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    After our trip in April to CN I signed up for rewards when we returned home knowing we would probably be going back. I wrote on the rewards contact several times since then to get that stay added. Last week I e-mailed directly the rewards person as I saw he had told some people to do on the boards. I still have not heard back and the nights were not added. We are returning in April and want to get this done before then! Any thoughts?

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    Who did you send it to? Sean? Sean should be able to help you out.
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    I had no luck with email. I called and called but the people who I was supposed to be calling were not available. Finally I did get someone who could help me. Sean was out of town or something I think so I talked to a lady instead. I can't remember her name. You might have more luck calling. It's worth a try at least.

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    I had the same problem with no one getting back to me, on a simple request. Finally sent Sean an email and had an anwser in 2 hours. Sean's the best!

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    It took us 7 months to get our account posted. It was just posted last week after letters and emails, some directly to I finally had to get my travel agent involved to help. They evidently have some internal issues.
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    Hello everyone,

    I am sorry. I believe there has been some issue with emails. I had IT investigate, but we found no issues. The reason I say this, is I clear my entire email list daily, so if you haven't received a response from my within 24-48 hours (sometimes I am out of office)please resend your emails directly to I would be more than happy to adjust your account. Sorry for any inconvenience. Hope everyone has a happy Holidays.
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