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    Hey yall, my fiance and I are getting hitched in August 11', at CN. We have several couples committed to going but we have been asked by some others if you have to be a "male-female couple" to stay at the resort? These arent homosexual coulples or anything just single people, like my mother and my sister. Does anyone know if they allow singles?

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    Contact the Couples wedding department. Couples does allow a certain number of singles to stay if they are part of a wedding party. The cost is not reduced if there is only 1 in a room, so it would be best if they are willing to share a room and save some $$.
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    So excited for you! We got married at CN last month. Couples in 1 room do not need to be male and female. My mom and aunt shared a room. We were told that you can only request a single person room if your group consists of atleast 10 couples. Then that single person would pay the same cost as if 2 people were in the room.

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    hey thanks for the info guys. One for the price of two is definately not a good!!!

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