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    Default Fun survey..What so you love best about CSS?

    Third part of our fun survey. What do you love most about your beloved CSS? Remember staff excluded.

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    Since you won't let me choose the wonderful staff...
    I'll have to pick the ambiance of CSS: all the nooks and crannies to explore, the jungle feel - not just a fantastic beach, and all the little extra touches that are included like the strolling sax player.

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    That's a tough one.

    I love being able to wander the beautiful resort with my best friend and love. Taking a dip in each pool and a soak in each hot tub while grabbing a drink at all of the bars. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

    SSB is also fabulous with the food being brought over, the entertainment crew coming over, the huge pool big enough for floaties, the waterfall just perfect for a back massage.

    The suites with wonderful views of the ocean and beach with all day room service.

    It is so hard to select just one thing that we love about CSS. It is such a fabulous resort.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    The Steps!!!! I was able to eat extremely well (read: A LOT!) and only gained 1/2 pound in a week's time. I attribute that to walking 156 steps to the beach every day, and back, a few times a day.

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    Ssb :d

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    Default favorite spot

    We loved the hidden hot tub on the bluff above the mineral pool. Absolutely our favorite spot. Secluded in the foliage.

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    Yikes, so many things to consider, but the part that I think I am looking forward to the most is sitting around the grotto and dipping my toes in the cool water. It's such a different experience and if you get chilled, just pop up a few steps ;-) to the secluded hot tub above the mineral pool and gaze out at the ocean.

    62 more days...

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    I loved the way my shoulders drop about 2 inches and all of the stress leaves my body as soon as I walk through the lobby and look at the view. I love the suites, the feeling of luxury and the verandah. I love the way the staff treat us like we are the only ones there. I love the entertainment at night, no stage, just an intimate set up of tables and chairs and a band or singer to dance to. Most of all............ I love that we leave for Couples in just 20 sleeps!!!!!!!

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    Everyone has covered almost all the things we like about CSS. However, I want to add two things.
    1. The wonderful fellow guests you meet each time you go, we have met some very interesting and nice people during our stays at CSS.
    2. I think the locatiion for CSS is the most unique and perfect setting for a resort. Whoever found this location really stumbbled on a gem.
    "Once you know"

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    Default Just one thing - can't do it.

    I can't just say one thing. The reason we chose CSS was the grounds and nature. We love looking for birds, lizards, etc and found plenty both natural and from the resort (Crackers). The pond is a great place to watch the sunset and watch all the birds gather for the night.

    The second thing for us is the mineral pool. It was like our private haven. It was very quiet and sometimes we had it to ourselves.

    This resort is amazing - 30 days and we are back again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomer49 View Post
    Third part of our fun survey. What do you love most about your beloved CSS? Remember staff excluded.
    ....The beautiful grounds make for romantic strolls.

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    We like being able to just sit and enjoy about everything mentioned above, What I don't like, is we won't be there until November 30, 2011!!!!

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    The view from the balcony's in Block G.

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    Definitely the mineral pool hot tub.

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    I think SSB was the best part, oh and the hidden private spots to snuggle with your SO, views of the ocean, and the food,and the staff...
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Wow what a tough questions with some great answers. CSS is an incredible place, hard to pick just one thing that makes it special. I guess if we had to pick one thing it would be the charm of CSS...wait make that the make that the great views no thats not it, its the amazing aroma of the flowers that you smell walking around the resort in the evenings....OK final answer, SSB!

    Kevin & Vickie....68 days to CSS

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    Wow -- these posts make me want to visit CSS next time! CSA has been our home the last two times, but I am really leaning toward trying CSS.

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