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    Default pretty fish in css cove?

    I'm looking forward to lying on a floatie with a snorkel mask to look down into the water. My version of low impact snorkeling. Am I likely to see some pretty fishies in the cove? If so, I'll bring a disposable waterproof camera.

    45 days to go for our first visit to Couples Sans Souci. We're castaways from GLB and really looking forward to making Couples our new home!

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    You won't see any fish in the CSS swimming area. You will have to go out on the snorkeling trip (included) to see the pretty fish.
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    There are a few fish around, but I agree with Wally. Take the snorkel trip. We mainly saw flounders snorkeling from the beach.

    You'll love CSS, the food is way better than GLB. The atmosphere is romantic and it is wonderful to not have teenagers running around or singles on the prowl. The gardens are beautiful. We prefer CSS to GLB; we prefer any of the Couples to GLB.

    Welcome home!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    When we were at CSS last year, we did see fish in the roped off swimming area. Mostly they would congregate in the small areas of sea grass, and definitely towards the cliffs. However, on 8 of the 10 days we were there, the water near shore was too murkey to see the fish very well. I suppose this is because when it was breezy, the water would strike the cliffs and stir up the silty bottom. Mostly we saw Sargeant Majors and Blue Tang near shore.

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    You may see a few here and there, more sea grass and sea urchins than anything. Wear your water shoes.

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    Thanks everyone! Watershoes - check. Snorkle trip - check.
    On this very snowy day on Cape Cod, I am dreaming of Jamaica. Soon come, new home.

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    I am at CSS right now and have enjoyed snorkeling in the swimming area everyday. I've seen schools of fish, a starfish, and even a small sand/sting ray! It was so cool! Definitely bring your mask, I can't wait to go on the real snorkeling trip today, it was canceled yesterday due to rough seas.

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    Do you really wear water shoes on the beaches of CSS? Do they sell them there, or should we get them here?

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    Get the water camera. The disposables are cheap and you can use it also if go to the Falls.

    We visited CSS last summer and we went down into the water by the Mineral Pool and spa and we saw fish. We didn't have floaties and just walked around, but they were there.

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