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    We are here at CSA right now. We flew in yesterday via Delta with very long layover. We finally got to Negril and the customs line was very long and slow. It took almost 1.5 hours to get thru customs. But we survived. TimAir was waiting on us and Curtis was our pilot. I told Curtis he was famous after all I have read on these message boards.

    The resort is fabulous and has not changed from last year. Well the menu has changed. Last year when we were here the Palms was buffet every night. Now its order from the menu except buffet is on Monday and Beach party on Friday.

    The resort is decorated with many Christmas tree's and lights. It is very festive. Alot of guest have decorated with lights. One original one spelled out with christmas lights in red, gold, green ONE LOVE ... I am enjoying the decorations.

    The beach is perfect. Last year it was bigger and the storm came thru a couple months ago and now its shorter...but still just perfect. The wind is very strong. But when the sun came out today it was very strong as well. The ocean.. well it was cold at first. But the longer you stayed in the sun ... the warmer the ocean got. We've been in it all day.

    Our room is the beachfront room. Our mini bar was not stocked when we got here..but I left a note and they gave me everything I asked for.

    Something new are the resort photographers and I think that is an awesome touch. They have taken several shots and we can't wait to view them.

    The staff has been excellent. Everyone is so friendly and smiling. WE love it! Even the guests are much more friendly.

    I've read on the boards that its been cool in Jamaica. But honestly...we came from TN and its very cold there right now ...we left home in 20 degree weather. Its 80 here in Jamaica, humid, hot and perfect. The wind is helping it not feel TOO hot.

    I'll do a complete review when we return home. But wanted you all to know ... we are here and its perfect. Plenty of sun, plenty of heat, plenty of drinks, plenty of chairs/floats/shade. The drink of today of DayDream was delicious.

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    Wow today is the 22nd! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. We will be there in four days. Cannot wait.

    When I read the message board, I sometimes feel like I am already there.

    Dreaming of Sunday.


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