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    We are heading to Couple Negril in 30 days. Looking forward to it as the winter has been nasty here already and we definitely need and deserve a break.

    The questions are simply:

    1) diving. I am planning on brining my own fins, boots, snorkle and mask. Any recommendations? Going to do a 30 ft ish dive first (want to see how the ears adjust to the flight) and then a deep water.
    2) Not worried about clothing. Been south before and have learned that overpacking is not the way to go. But... What is the one thing that is NEEDED?
    3) The Appletons Rum tour. Anyone do it, is it worth it? I think I am drawn to the personalize bottle.....
    4) best drink to have?

    Going to be there Jan 19 to the 26th.

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    1 - There are two dives during the day. One deep and one shallow (30ft). I can't remember which is which, but my hubby always does both the first day we arrive so there shouldn't be any ear issues.

    2 - The one thing I would suggest would be Woolite to rinse out your swimsuits with. They get a bit rank as time goes on even if you are only wearing them twice.

    3 - Haven't done the rum tour, but have heard good things about it.

    4 - We mix up our drinks all day long and don't really have a favorite other than a Dirty Banana - Yum!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Hi Canuck,

    I did some inquiring on the Appleton tour and YS falls. We don't want to be off the resort the whole day so I am inquiring on going to just Appleton. Here is what was said about going to both places:

    "We have found that YS is most crowded in the morning hours,
    so we would advise going to the Appleton Rum Estate first. From Negril, this is a good two hour plus ride, but you donít have to do it in one chunk. If you leave the resort by 8:30 at the latest, take a break half way there....or as many breaks along the way as you want or need...drink stop, bathroom break, leg
    stretch, photos...whatever you want. Youíre not to be shy....just let the driver know what crosses your mind anytime! The time on the property usually runs about an hour and a half, so Iím thinking youíll be ready to move on somewhere about 11:30-11:45. You have a forty-five minute ride to YS....Iíd
    have the driver stop somewhere along the way to get some food...fresh,authentic, countrystyle cooking....price should be somewhere in the vicinity of $5-$6 per person."

    We'll be there some of the same days. I'll let you know if I hear more. Excursions book through the resort are NOT subject to $500 credit(if you have this). I emailed Couples to clear up confusion on this subject. Excursions cannot be charged to room.

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    We did the Appleton tour our first trip to CN in 2009 and had a really nice time. We didn't bother with the YS Falls as we had just seen falls in Hawaii...

    Anyway the tour is fun...amazing Peacocks on the land. And of course after the tour you get to sample all their rum...the leave you alone with a bunch of bottles and little shot cups!! If there is an odd flavor of rum cream that you want, buy that in the gift shop but otherwise we found the prices were almost identical at the airport and that way you can bring it on the plane. That is a bonus for us because we have a direct flight home.

    Another thing we loved about the tour was our driver was great...we also got along great with the other couple that took the tour. Our driver didn't mind stopping at some fruit stands and even took us to the coolest place on the side of the road for lunch. About ten pots lined up and all different stuff cooking in them...I attached a picture.

    We also went to Kingston to the Bob Marley museum...we did this from CTI...and enjoyed that as well. Again, great driver provided by couples. And to me learning about Jamaica from the driver, is just a bonus!!
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