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    Default If Trading Spaces is Full

    We are doing Secret Rendezvous in January from Saturday to Wednesday. Since most of the other resorts are full during our trip, besides CTI, I am kind of assuming we will get CTI. However, since this will be our first trip to Ocho Rios ( stayed at CSA and CN) I would like to see and visit both resorts . I know trading places takes place , Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so the only day we will be able to do it would be Monday. Question - if trading places is full can we still visit CSS for a fee or take a tour if we provide our own transportation ? I have always wanted to visit CSS and consider it for a future Couples vacation, but it would help my decision to actually visit it. I know there is a daily fee for non guests to spend the day at hotel, but would this rate be cheaper if staying at the other Couples resort ? Thanks in advance.

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    I wouldn't worry. As soon as you arrive, book to go to CSS and let them know it is the only day you are able to go since you are on a short stay. Couples has a way of making things happen no matter what.

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    Sign up for the day you want as soon as you can. Then if it is full, you have the option of a taxi ($10/pp round trip). There is no charge if you have reached the Passionate Love Level of Romance Rewards. Otherwise, I think it is $75/pp but I could be wrong.

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    Depending on when you go in January, you may not get CTI as that is real close to Anniversary time for the resorts anniversary.

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    We just did a day pass to CSS when we were in the Runaway Bay area and it was $75/person although on e-mail they quoted me $100/person. It is well worth it. Beautiful place.

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