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    Default CSA/CSS split

    We're getting married at CSA with family/friends and then would like some kind of honeymoon so in short we'll need to leave the resort after 6 days. I thought of going to another resort in Negril(sadly CN is not our vibe) but I wondered if would be feasible to go to CSS. So it would be 6 days CSA and 4-5 days CSS
    Has anyone done this? Is it difficult to get from Negril to Ochos Rios? We've never been to Jamaica but are well traveled so any info or advice would be appreciated!

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    We did this last year (just vice versa). Spent 1 week at CSS and then 4 days at CSA. It was wonderful. Just speak to someone at the front desk and they will arrange a driver for you. We did not have to stop at the airport - just went straight through. In fact, we thought that we'd have to leave early to not have to be part of the airport shuttle, but they told us to pick a time - it didn't matter. (They said that we shouldn't have to get up super early when we're on vacation!) We left CSS around 10am and got to CSA about 1pm - just in time for drinks and lunch. And it was nice to have a driver all to ourselves to ask questions. Let me know if you have more questions. I'm jealous - not sure when we'll be back since college tuition and wedding costs are looming. Darn kids!


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    Plan on up to a 3.5 to 4 hour transfer, longer if there is much traffic, if you go direct from CSA to CSS. It's a long ways! Taking TimAir from the Negril Aerodrome to Ochie would the quickest... and costliest way.

    You might be able to arrange to go back to Sangster on the Couples transfer and hire a taxi from there. With a little luck you could take the Couples bus to Sangster and then the Couples bus to CSS from there.
    This can be difficult to do since the lounge is in the 'secure' part of the airport and you cannot get there without a valid boarding pass. If you try this work through couples and plan it ahead because it may not work for you. Even if it does work it will add time to the transfer, maybe a lot of time.
    Best of luck!

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    It would be a few hours ride but well worth it! Beautiful scenery on the way and CSS when you get there. Do it!

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    Just wondering how you know CN is "not your vibe" if you have not been to Jamaica yet? We have been to CSA, CTI, and CSS in the past and loved all but CTI. This year we are going to CN. I know why CTI is not our favorite but since you have not been, is it the color, decor or what...that you don't like?

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    We did a CSA/CSS split last year. If you're transferring between 2 Couples resorts they'll provide the transportation. It takes about 3 hours to go between the two resorts and they'll set it up where you can go direct without having to go back by the airport. We left CSA in the morning after breakfast and were at CSS in time for lunch.

    Enjoy your wedding and honeymoon and welcome to the Couples family!!

    Bart & Bug

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    Many people do the same thing. The resort will provide transportation between the two by taking you back to the airport and then putting you onto another shuttle headed for the other resort I believe. I would call them directly to set it up but it shouldn't be much trouble. People split between the two cities all the time. If I were going to do a split I would pick those two resorts too.

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    Default great info

    Wow thanks for the great info everyone! It's great that they'll give you transportation if you're going between 2 resorts. I thought we'd have to arrange it on our own. I must say I've been researching places all over the Caribbean and Mexico and I've been unable to find a resort that makes things more convenient or reasonable than couples.

    Bart and Bug Thanks for the welcome!

    meganfritz Did you feel like you had enough time at each resorts? I was a little worried about feeling rushed or not having the time to do the things there are to do there. And I hope you'll get to travel again soon. Everyone tells me, get married but don't have kids, they're too expensive.

    Bearso Well, there's a few reasons CN doesn't seem like it would be the right fit for us. To be honest, no, the decor isn't really my cup of tea but that alone isn't a reason for me to not choose the resort One thing is the the resort is said to have an "intentional rustic feel/look" which is great but I live in Morocco and get more than enough "rustic" Another thing is I prefer a resort that is spread out with lots of places to walk around, Also I hear CN has a great pool but we're not pool people so that's lost on us. Anyways, there's other things but thats the main idea. I'm not saying we would never go there but I really don't want to go from CSA to CN

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    You're welcome. We think you'll like the feel of CSS after spending time at CSA. You'll find lots of places to walk around at both resorts while things are a little more condensed at CN and much more so at CTI. After a wedding at CSA the romantic honeymoon at CSS will be the perfect way to start out your new life together.


    Bart & Bug

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    Default enough time?

    Yes. I felt like we got to fully enjoy both resorts. We would have done a more even split, but needed a full week at one of the resorts to get credits, so...
    We'd stayed at CN twice before which is why we wanted the full week at CSS to get the different experience on that side of the island. Also - we were soooo relaxed and on Jamaican vacation time that moving wasn't a big deal. Just another adventure.

    And every time that we've gone we have had grand plans of doing lots of stuff. Next time. Maybe. If I feel up to it. So I guess I don't feel like we missed anything either.

    Kids - yup they're expensive, but I figured it was the easiest way to have grandkids down the line!

    Let me know if you've got more questions.


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