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    Default Mystic Mountain tour price and deep sea fishing

    Hi all, I REALLY want to do the bobslide ride while we are at CSS in Feb. Does anyone know the price to book this through the hotel?
    If the hotel is not the best place to book through, any suggestions?
    I know Peat Taylor and Paul Williams get rave reviews on Trip Advisor, but if I can book through the resort at comparable prices, that would be easier LOL

    Also, I have been deep sea fishing but Hubby never has, I thought since I finally got him on a two week trip and we will have a bit more time (yeah right!) we might do a half day fishing trip. Anyone know prices or be interested in joining us? I know more ppl = less cost so would be great to find 1-2 other couples to share with, we are there Feb 4-18 2011!!

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    Still looking for info, if anyone has some,that would be great!
    33 days and counting

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    We did Mystic Mountain in the early part of December. It was US 170.00 per person. In my book, well worth it. The hubby was sticker shocked.

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    That seems a bit high compared to other pricing I have seen, but it depends on what you got! Who did you book through? I am just trying to decide weather to book ahead or wait till we arrive to set it all up!

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    We went deep sea fishing while at CSA, we split the cost with another couple. The resort helped us in finding another couple that was already booked which made it half the cost. We had a ton of fun and we caught some nice sized tuna. We had a great trip and would suggest it to everyone. Don't forget to pack some snacks.

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    We did mystic mountain a few weeks ago when at CTI, the hotel wanted 170.00 per person, We opted to go there with another couple and the price was 137.00 per person, when I asked them about the internet price of 125.00 they said it had to be booked in advance to get that price. Each couple also paid 30.00 for the cab ride so in the end it was almost 170.00. we did get to go when we choose and not when the tour was going, I also heard that there is s shuttle for 11.00 per person but not sure who that was through. Hope this helps

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    We went 2 yrs ago,just did the ride up,the bobsled ride, and ride down. We paid a little over 100 US for both of us, plus the cab ride. We arranged the ride back with the driver. I would suggest waiting until you arrive to decide when to go,as weather can be a factor. The chair lift up is quite high(great views),but would not want to go if too windy or raining.The gift shop at the top seemed very resonable,also they take a photo of you on the ride that can be purchased. Of course if you zip line, the price will be higher. Definitly recommend this excursion,it was a blast!

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    Great, thanks all!

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