The skies are dark and cold and overcast, on this December day,
Times of sun and sand and warmer weather, seem so far away.
When the new year begins a few short weeks from now, it will still be blustery and cold,
But as the days and weeks continue on, old man winter will begin to loosen his hold.
With the start of another 365,, a chance to make amends,
For all the things we said we would do this year, but this year is at its end.
January and February will still make us shiver, but the cold days will soon be coming to an end.
When the wicked winds of March roll around, we will be coming around the bend.
April showers followed by May flowers, will really make us smile,
Then there will be warmer days of June and July. Now that's
much more my style.
The summer months are all to fleeting, so enjoy them while they are here,
Before you know it, they too will pass, and we'll be facing the end of yet one more year.
We will have come full circle by the time the fall weather arrives,
It's an endless cycle that repeats itself, that's not a big surprise.
Time is so precious, as each moment fades away,
We have to make the best of each and every day.
Every year is filled with holidays and celebrations,
Life can be overwhelming at times, for each and every nation.
So love who you are and where you have been, there should be no other choice,
Surround yourself with friends and family and we will sing praises with one united voice.
It's your life. Love it. Live it. Experience it. Embrace it. Try to understand it.
It's your life, made just for you. Please don't ever quit.
Make peace with yourself and those around you, there is less time than you think.
It could all come tumbling down around you, in less time then it takes to blink
A single year is really not that long, if you stop and think for just a moment,
Don't hesitate to say I love you. Time belongs to everyone, yet no one really owns it.
Set you sights on the distant horizon, just keep plugging away.
Before you know it, your time will run out. There just won't be one more day,
Send all your love all around the world. It's what makes us all so strong
Get in touch with what's inside of you, we should not wait so long.
I wish for each and everyone for you, the best that life has in store,
If you follow my advise, you can be happy for ever more.
It is all out there for all to have, don't wait until tomorrow,
Go for all the gold, don't settle for less, it will only cause you sorrow.

From the bottom of my heart, I pray for health and happiness and inner peace for all.