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    Default Three days and a wakeup...

    At last, we are arriving at CSA Sunday 19th for a couple weeks. We would like to take some off resort tours with the exception of the shopping trip. I know we can book at the desk, but hear there are much better deals.
    Where should we go from CSA (excursion wise) to get the most bang for our buck?
    How do we make arrangements (i.e. Taxi tour etc.) without going through the resort?

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    - three days = jealous.

    Use the concierge / bell hop to arrange a taxi tour. I wanted to purchase cigars for cheaper than the gift shop a few years back. The bell hop made a phone call, and a guy arrived in 10 minutes with several boxes.

    Consider this: How many of us ask a convenience store attendant for the best restaurant in the city versus stopping at the tourism center?

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