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    Does anyone know if Ivelyn is still working at the pool bar at CN? I haven't seen her name mentioned in a while. Only a few days until I can have an Ivelyn made 10:00 bloody mary.

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    She was when we stayed at CN in September.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Yes Ivylynn is at the pool bar and so if franklyn. Tell her and franklynn mike and Diane say Hi and we miss them. Diane

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    She was there in November! Isn't she the best??

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    The two of them helped make our stay there in 2009 the best ever and are a big reason we are going back.

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    Did you and Mike just return from CN? Would be fun to vacation at the same time. We are working on booking in May for 10 days and will give Ivy and Franklyn a hug for you then. Wouldn't they be suprised that we're long lost cousins. I tried to call you and stopped by your house last August while we were in town for a couple days, then sent you an e-mail with our new e-mail address (jam davis at centurylink . net). Please send me an e-mail, would like to hear about your trip. Wish you, your Mom and family a Merry Christmas.

    Jean (& Mike)

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