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    Default Which Resort is "the best"

    Hi everyone. My husband and I went to Couples Negril about 4 years ago. Weve been to many all inclusives and LOVED Couples Negril. I would like to visit Couples again and was wondering which one would be recommended. Would like to try another one! What do you all think?

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    We've been to Couples Negril once, and CTI almost 10. CTI is our preferred, as it is isolated. No kids running on the beach from other resorts, no scraggly walking by screaming "CIGARETTTTTTTTES", etc.

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    We've been to all four and they are all fabulous. What are you looking for in your vacation? It depends on what you are looking for as to which resort would be right for you. It is a very difficult question to answer as which is 'the best' resort as all are different as well as people and everyone has their favorite for different reasons. If you let us know what you are looking for we will be better able to help you.
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    CN is the best one!
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    Yeah, that's not a loaded question around here.

    Seriously though, it is all subjective. You will get as many opinions of which Couples is the best as there are folks posting on the message board. Everyone has their favorite. Like stated above, tell us what you are looking for and you will get lots of advice on where to find a good fit. Ultimately you will decide for yourself which is "best".

    Flip a coin. I really don't think you can go too wrong with any of the Couples resorts.

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    Which is "best" chocolate or vanilla? I personally am partial to Butter Pecan.

    Look at the pics. See which one calls to YOU. That one is the "best." Go there and don't look back.

    As a side note: We've been to 4 and stayed at 3 resorts. We love them all.
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    My wife and I have been two CTI and CSS.... CSS once (because of the renovations to CTI)and by far we love CTI the most... this next October we are going to visit CN and CSA for a couple of days before going to CTI so we can say we tried them all!!!

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    the one you're at

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    csa for us...I like to hear all the other resorts named...That way csa stays a secert...

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    Read the reviews and all the information you can find about the resorts. Ask question about each resort. One will call you. Without knowing what you are looking for here's some general differences.

    CTI: The most private resort, small beach, it was just remodeled, Most included tours and things to do.

    CSS: Private, biggest AN area, lots of stairs, small beach, room service.

    CN: Great pool, AN area, nice big beach, but it is public.

    CSA: The best beach, but again it is public.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cigarmanpa View Post
    the one you're at


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    I am a huge fan of CN. Decided to try CTI in October this time and all in all it wasn't a bad experience. I have to say though, CN wins for me hands down. So, we are planning on going back to CN in October 2011. As it was said earlier, you cant go 'wrong' with Couples. It just depends on what you are looking for. I didn't feel like CTI had a true Jamaican 'feel' to it. It was too resort like for me. I like the intimacy of CN.

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