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    Default 2011 calendars

    Did I miss the post concerning the new 2011 calendars? If so, when will they be ready and is the cost the same as last year? If I remember correctly it was a $20.00 donation to the Issa Foundation. Count me in.


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    HI Richie,

    We will not be printing a 2011 calendar as we have no new photos. We are in the process - for the past three weeks - of shooting all four properties, however the timing prevented us from creating a new calendar.

    Couples Resorts

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    Thanks for the update Randy.


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    Well, I guess I will be cutting the 2011 page from my 2010 calendar and reusing mine! Recycle!

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    in previous years to get the Couples calendar a donation to the issa trust foundation was how it was you received it. you can still donate to the very good cause if you want.


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