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    shandi Guest

    Default LOL - love this video! Would you do this?

    LOL - I love this! Truly an expression of their joy, happiness and zest for life. I can see the group re-inacting this for years to come. Hats off to J+K!
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    I have to agree. If I saw someone do something on the beach like this it would be great!
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    NO offense but this is more suited for the reception. Firstly they can't dance. Secondly, they ARE in a church dancing down the aisle with a song no matter how pretty but still nonetheless performed by a confessed woman beater. To each his own...
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    airbell, I have to agree, I felt first, it was disrepectful to the meaning of the church, secondly to the meaning of the marriage ceremony. Which, since it should be a committment for the rest of your life, I hope would be a serious moment. Leave it for the reception.

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    Think it's GREAT for an outdoor or home wedding or for the wedding party entering the reception but think it's a little bit much for a church wedding.

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    Wow, folks.

    These people did what these people wanted to do. Freedom is a wonderful thing. The freedom to choose, the freedom to think, the freedom to love, the freedom to express...

    They didn't do it at your wedding.

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    I liked their idea, but also thought it was a bit too much for a church wedding. If it was at another type of venue then fine. Call me old fashioned, but church is church.

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    There didn't appear to be anyone in the church that was offended. Personally, if this idea had come to me 42 years ago, then our wedding, which had three, count em three, rabbies to officiate, would have made history. I think it nice to see that religions continue to

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    To each their own I say!! Personally I wouldn't do it. But there are a lot of churches who encourage dancing and clapping and singing, and I'm sure it was approved before they did it. The minister or preacher didn't seem shocked or surprised.

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    I think a new option should be added. Would have done it 20 or 30 years ago, (I am too old to do that today).

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    I thin it is FANTASTIC and hope that their marriage is blessed with as much enthusiasm.

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    We can agree to disagree! I LOVED IT! What a way to start off your married life! No matter where it is!

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    This is superb!!!! only think missing is a little Jamaican booty action!!!!

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    I LOVE IT! I was so happy for this couple's joy that I was nearly in tears. Life is so short. It is good to see people smiling, laughing, and being joyous in any setting! Cheers to a couple that doesn't take themselves too seriously!

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    This is one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen! To dance with joy before the alter of the Lord as you ready yourselves to commit your love to one another - how much better can it get!? Blessings to the newlyweds!!!

    One Love

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    Hey, isn't marriage suppose to be about CELEBRATION???? You can't tell me some of you didn't want to dance down the aisle at your wedding!!!! Minnesotans show 'em the light!

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    Sometimes it seems to me that people with differing views other than the popular opinion tend to get "shouted down" around here. The question asked was "what do you think of this" not what do you think of other people's opinions on the matter. It seems that "respect" can be harder to find around these parts than a beach palapa at mid -day. If we all liked the same things, the world would be a pretty boring place folks.

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    Default Wedding Video

    I would absolutely do this in a heartbeat...what a fun and amazing way to start your married life..they should really be given Kuddo's for such amazing imaginations and to get all the wedding party to go along wow....I loved it!!! I hope it inspires others to take their wedding day seriously but to also enjoy it as it is meant to be enjoyed...I wish my hubby knew how to dance that way!!!! Again Kuddo's to them for their amazing imaginations...its definately inspiring!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisJamie View Post
    Wow, folks.

    These people did what these people wanted to do. Freedom is a wonderful thing. The freedom to choose, the freedom to think, the freedom to love, the freedom to express...

    They didn't do it at your wedding.
    I agree completely.I was raised Baptist and singin and dancin happened al the time!! I loved it!!!!

    ONE LOVE MAN!!!!!!

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    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Life is full of surprises - good and bad - you never know what tomorrow will bring SO Live It Up, Enjoy Every Moment, And Celebrate Happiness and Love!!!
    I think it is Fantastic and exudes LOVE and HAPPINESS - of course if done in a church I would ask for permission first..

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    HereĀ“s the same crew doing a similar (or the same) dance for their divorce:



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    what a hoot!!!

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    haha yeah MN! I personally wouldn't do this..but it would have been a BLAST to watch in person-- can you imagine their personalities?? I'd like to meet these people.

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    Default Awesome

    That is great and if I were having a big wedding with lots of people I would so do this.... We are all about surprise and making people laugh.... I mean why not mix it up a little, crying at weddings is over done, lets have fun and laugh a little

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