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    Default Buying jewelry duty free

    Have been to Jamaica a number of times but have never bought any jewelry except for my fine creations on jewelry making days at Swept Away lol On our trip this year I'd like to buy a piece of jewelry preferably some type of colored diamond.Is this a good ides or should I buy something like this at home?Also my daughter in law is in to pandora bracelets.Is this a place to be buying beads?

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    to avoid customs taxes, ship it home.

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    Default Safe

    I have purchased jewels multiple times in Jamaica, the most recent was Apr 2010 at the duty free shop at CSS. I took the tanzanite earrings to a jeweler back home and she was impressed with the color of the stones, especially since that particular store does not carry those gems due to the way they are mined, etc. Back in 2002 or so I bought a gorgeous past, present, and future emerald cut diamond ring from the duty free shop at our hotel near Ocho Rios. I bargained with the sales clerk for about 4 days and then paid what I believed was a fair price. It came with an appraisal and I took that ring to my jeweler and he told me I got a bargain. It's beautiful and still am happy I made the purchase. But only buy from a duty free shop, especially if it is on property.

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    Take the free shopping trip and they will take you to a 'mall' where you can get duty free jewelry. I've always found the prices in the Caribbean to be better than in the States.

    I'm not sure about the Pandora beads.
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    Uncle Larry... he is at the Taj plaza and he has the pandora bracelets and tons of charms....

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    Like anything else you need to be educated on jewelry prices and quality and have a good idea of what you are in the market for. If you are looking at designer jewelry then expect to not get more than a 10% discount, but you will save the sales tax, which can be substantial. On a $5000 purchase this can be a $350-$500 savings for most Americans.

    Where the real savings would be is non-designer jewelry. We've bought various pieces in Jamaica and other duty free ports over the years and have always been very satisfied with the purchase.

    The last time we were at CTI/COR my wife got a beautiful slide for an omega necklace and matching earrings from their on site shop. Very good quality.

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    Default brennie

    We have been to Jamaica 6 trips and each time I have purchased a piece of jewelry. My favorite is a Tanzanite ring we bought at The Jewel Box at CSS. The color of the stone and price were excellent. I usually pick something out and my husband puts it away for Christmas. This year we bought a Blue Diamond ring from The Jewel Box at CSS. I am so anxious to get it for Xmas. I can't remember exactly what it looks like. You can't even find Tanzanite and Blue Diamonds in the states. The prices in Jamaica are really good and I have always gotten good quality stones. My husband actually bought a Blue Topaz ring this last trip. The color of the stone is nicer than anything we have ever seen in the states and a very reasonable price. We always shop at stores that either Couples or our TA recommends. I hope this helps.

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    Default Don't forget to barter for jewellery

    When you go to buy the jewellery, don't forget to barter - even in the fine jewellery stores.
    I bought my blue diamond necklace and earrings in Ocho Rios. I usually shop twice - the first to scout out and then the second to go back with my decision.
    When I bought my blue diamonds, it was on my scouting trip. I wasn't ready to buy so I offered half of what they asked. They said no, so I said that's fine and I was going to keep looking around.
    I was in a store about a block away and the woman came running in saying I could have it for the price I offered. At first I was confused because it was 10 minutes later and I didn't realize she was from the jewellery store. I ended up buying them and got a great appraisal for quality when I got back home.

    GO FOR IT....

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    My husband bought me a 3 stone blue diamond with a baguette on each side at CSS last year. It's absolutely stunning and everyone admires it. You can't find anything like that around here. Well worth the money. This year we are getting married at CSA and I hope to find a simple band to match. We bought at the duty free store at CSS.

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    Thanks for all your suggestions.Hopefully something will catch my eye this Feb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iriesue View Post
    When you go to buy the jewelery, don't forget to barter - even in the fine jewelery stores.
    1000% agreed. Jamie bought a blue diamond 4-stone ring at a Taj Mahal store that has a sister store in Sonni's. I was on the hunt for a LE Citizen watch that MSRPs at 1200US, and I've never seen cheaper than 900. We visited Sonni's and walked around, and came across the watch in two places. One would not budge from MSRP, the other was the sister store and I ended up snagging it for 650 after some bartering and pointing out that we just spent 500+ at the Taj location.

    Always, always barter.

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    Default CTI jewelry

    We stayed at CTI last November and I'm kicking myself for not buying a ring that a jeweler had for sale on the beach during the beach buffet night. I don't know what the stone is but would definitely know it if I saw it!! If we do the shopping excursion next time and buy from duty free, are there any taxes when bringing it home????

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    I bought my wife a blue diamond ring at the mall in Negril. They love to barter. I had a fantastic discount on it. Went back the next year and got matching earrings and necklace. Not as good a discount, my wife doesn't like to barter and is uncomfortable with it. That is usually my department.

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    Just be sure to realize that, if you buy jewelry in excess of your personal exemption ($800 pp for US travelers which can be combined with immediate family), you're required to declare it and pay US customs on any amount over the exemption. If you don't, they might not catch you, but if they do, you can be prosecuted.

    Also, keep in mind that while most jewelers are reliable, if you do have an issue, it's really, really hard to deal with it from afar. Using a credit card might provide some protection.

    My personal view is that there were deals to be had in the Caribbean 25 years ago. Now . . . probably not so much. It's more a case of -- if you see something you love and the price seems okay for how much you love it -- go for it. I did that with a sterling "love" bracelet at CN a few years ago. But, if it's a lot of money, you're probably better off buying at home.

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