When one vacation ends, another one needs to begin. At least I hope so. With that in mind, we are on to expedition number 44 to revisit once again, a grand elderly and very generous gatekeeper of the cove. She has been keeping watch on this special parcel of land along the northern coast of Jamaica for nearly seventy years. But to see her today, she is as young and beautiful as ever. Her warmth and cordiality are unending. It has been a mecca for thousands and thousands of couples, from many different parts of our globe, with a vast amount of differences in religions, cultures, skin color, and all the rest, that were all looking for the same thing. To have a great vacation. All of us. Every single couple that ever arrived at a Couples retreat, was there to enjoy the overall experience, have a fun time, meet some people, laugh a little or a lot, and come away with memories that they will cherish through the years.

We all have expectations when we book our trip. First timers and old timers. Many different expectations, and needs and desires and, well the list can be ridiculous. But in any case, Couples does its utmost best to satisfy the "expectations" of all who are there. They do it, sometimes, with just a smile. And right there you know your issue will be handled properly and executed in a professional manner. You will never hear an employee say, "I'm sorry, that isn't my department or job or whatever". They will either take care of your request right there on the spot if possible, or they will just as quickly find the person that can help take care of things. Staff will never leave you hanging. It's the Couples way.

After your first "vacation" as it is sometimes referred too, the vast majority of guests return to their home base, pretty much blown away. They have seen things and done things that they may have never even thought about. The word "vacation" doesn't even come close to describing what we derive from our first stay to any and all subsequent return visits. There are all the things that go into making your time away from reality, a memorable one. The location, the natural beauty of the surroundings, the activities we may want, the excursions we take, the food and beverage and the staff and a whole host of wonderful other pleasures. All of that is pretty much a given when people take their time off. But for certain individuals, the time spent at any Couples oasis takes on a deeper more intensified meaningful, rewarding, experience. One that, in a great number of cases, actually changes the lives and directions of a lot of vacation goers.

The comfortable and serene surroundings we, and many others, find ourselves in at our "grown-up camp" allows us to interact with others in an extremely relaxed atmosphere. The exchange of ideas and thoughts and stories and tidbits of life from different parts of world enrich us beyond our wildest dreams. We find that we are not alone in some of our thoughts and feelings about our lives. We find that our struggles are your struggles. Our hopes and plans that we all have for ourselves and our families are filled with more similarities than differences. Underneath the cover of our clothes, we are just one man and one woman. No country, no religion, no preconceived ideas, no barriers that stand in our way of being a human.

Some of the friendships that are formed in as little as seven days may continue for many years. If not in person at Couples, then on some social media. We share things about our lives and over time, it feels as though these "strangers" that we met on a tiny island in the Caribbean, are more like family than some of our families. We keep in touch throughout the years and cherish the times when we can actually be together somewhere. All of that from a chance meeting while on "holiday" with a fellow traveler. I can't wait. But I will.