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    I did look for this on prior threads, couldn't find it!!!!!

    Special things at CN, such as the Repeater dinner is on Monday.

    What" special" thing is available on the other days?
    I know the International dinner is on Thursday.
    Any other activities I need to know about, that are not on the activities list?
    One Love,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myapapya View Post
    . . . I know the International dinner is on Thursday . . .
    The International Buffet is served on Saturday evenings.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Just got home yesterday from CN. The Repeaters Dinner is on Monday night,the Casino night is Tuesday, On Thursday night is a buffet(with mostly Jamaican food) The amazing Steel Drum performs, a fire dancer and then the Bonfire on the beach. On Friday (about 6pm) is Chocolate Sunset. On Saturday night is the International Buffet. On Sunday was the Martini hour at 6:30. They also have a Wine and Cheese cocktail party on Tuesday night at 6:30. They give you a activity sheet when you check in. Everything is listed on it. I am starting my count down till we go back.

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    Hey Mya, go to the Couples Negril tab at the top of the page, then go to the left side near the bottom and click on 'activities', it gives everything going on that day.

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