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    Default Could use some advice about a week long stay.....

    My boyfriend and I will be going to CTI for our first time in less than 2 months! We're going to be staying for 7 days, and I was wondering how much extra cash we should bring for massages, souviniers, Margeritaville, etc. If anyone has any advice regarding this it would be much appreciated. I know that the number is probably different for everyone, but I would just like a ball park figure. Thanks!!! Can't wait!


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    My wife and i usually bring about $200 with us each time we go and its always enough. As far as massages and souvineers at the gift shop, they take all major credit cards... But the cash will come in handy for eateries and gift shops off the resort property. You should also take into consideration off-resort excursions such as Dunn River Falls...if you plan on doing those things. I would bring about $10-$20 in small $1 bills or $5. These will come in handy when tipping the bag boys that load your bags onto the bus at the airport, and the ones that unload them at the resort.( understand there is no tipping within the resort however these bag boys for the bus are not employed by the resort) and they do get fiesty when not given a couple dollars for loading your bag!
    So in a nutshell, $200-$300 should suffice any and all needs for cash.

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