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    Default Did our favorite bartender come back?

    has anyone seen Jannell from sunset beach?? I know they had said she went to the mineral pool and I wonder if it was tooooooo quiet for her and she came back to sunset beach? It won't be the same without her smiling face and excellent customer service. Who will get her M&Ms that she loves
    we will miss her unless the mineral pool is the new sunset area

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    We were at CSS last week and Jheanel was at SSB all week. She had been reassigned but but I understand the clamour on the message boards resulted in her return to sunset beach. She did a great job as always and really helps make SSB a great experience!

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    We were at CSS from 7/15 to 7/23. The first day we had Francine and the next day Delroy, both were good. Then we had Jheanel the rest of the time. At the repeaters dinner, we sat with Kyle, the Operations Manager. We told him how much we appreciated them allowing her back to SSB. He said the outcry from the message board made it clear that she belonged there, and apparently she has been permanently assigned to SSB at this time. Management does listen to the MB! Thanks for all the voices who supported Jheanel!

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    Where has Delroy been moved to? He was there a few weeks ago and did a great job as well.

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    I am so glad that Jheanel returned and hope she wants to have her m&ms again. She always made our stay so wonderful with her expert customer service.

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    So glad to hear the Jheanel is back!!!!! Can't wait to see her in November!

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    Delroy was at the juice bar at the mineral pool all week. Sounds like they just switched Delroy and Jheanel.

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    Jim and Judy from Texas
    Jheanel we hope to see you at SSB in Oct 8th -19 you have such a great smile you made or trip very worth while any one else be there in oct?

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    If Delory is at the mineral pool and Jheanel there previous to him, where have they moved Saskianne...she was at the mineral pool the both times we were at CSS?

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    We were there 8/8-8/15 and it was Francine at SSB everyday but one (her day off). Jheanel covered that one day. Francine was FANTASTIC though. Took great care of everyone, and really made the pool bar a fun place to be. Francine or Jheanel - either way SSB is great.

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    We were there from 8/7 to 8/14 and saw Jheanel once at SSB. She was at the mineral bar the rest of the time. Duane & Dominiq were the regular bartenders at SSB and they were awesome. We're looking forward to going back next year. Absolutely loved CSS!

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    Just bumping this up to see if who is/are the bartenders assigned? will be there for the first time (Feb 4 - 18). It seems that all the bartenders do a great job but that there is usually an outcry for Jhanel whenever she is not there.
    Jon & Heather
    May '05, Feb '11 - CSS

    Making arrangements for February 2012!

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    We just got back from CSS on Jan. 6th. Jheanel was only the bartender at SSB one time during our 8 day stay. They have been rotating Jheanel at the different bars throughout the resort. Francine was at SSB all the other days and she was AWESOME!


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    Just came back from a 9 day stay during the holidays. Jheanel only filled in during Francine's day off. She gets moved all around and we didn't see her until we walked to the lobby to check out as we left.

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    Jheanel was on vacation when we were there December 4-11. They told us she is usually at the Spa Bar. We missed saying "HI" to Jheanel, but we left a package for her at the front desk with some M&M's and a note in it. I hope she got them.

    I do agree though that Francine has done an excellent job taking over the bar at SSB. She is just as friendly and outgoing as Jheanel was. We had a great time with Francine and look foward to seeing her next year when we return.

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    Does anyone know when Jheanel is going to get promoted? I spoke to Kyle Mais back in September 2010 and He said " we have big things planned for Jheanel. This is why we have to move her around, so she gets to know the business fully". I very much hope he wasn't yanking this guest's chain because Jheanel is beloved by so many. I would hate to see her sidelined. She genuinely loves the guests and cares about their experience. She has such a lovely, sunny personality and her customer service is second to none.

    That said, Francine was very funny and we got to know her pretty well whilst we were there at SSB. I'm looking forward to seeing her again when we head back there this year.

    Must get some M&Ms for Jheanel

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