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    Default Were supposed to do a CSA/CN split

    But, we're loving CSA so much we decided to stay. We've been to CN twice before and have loved it both times. This is our first trip to CSA. We love the grounds. The beaches at both are excellent, we'll call that a draw. Love the verandas here, and I have to say the mattresses are more comfortable (we find them very hard at CN). Weather is sunny and warm, though windy, and on hearing we received about a foot of snow at home over the weekend, couldn't be any happier to be here. Will do a full review when we get back, but I think CSA is our new home!

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    I've clearly spent too much time on Facebook. My initial response to your post was to "like" it.

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    Too funny! Been here 5 days now, and 3 of the 5 have been really windy, and the water sports have been cancelled. The waves have been crazy big, and a lot of fun to play in and yet kind of scary at the same time. Still warm enough to be out there, in my opinion, however I am used to single digits this time of the is definitely the worst weather we have had out of our three trips here this time of the year though. Still lovin it though.

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    Awesome! We love CSA too.

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