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    Default Crossing the street at CSA

    Hi everyone

    I was just wondering if it is scary crossing the street to get to the spa. Do you have to walk?

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    They used to have a crossing guard that stopped traffic while you walked across the street but that was 6 years ago so not sure now.

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    There is a crossing guard who stops traffic for you!

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    Yep, there is still a crossing guard! No worries!
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    Its also just a two lane road so its not like you are crossing 5 lanes of traffic.

    No worries!
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    The guards are there 24/7 to stop traffic for you. The only time we "almost" got hit whas when a wayward bicyclist who had perhaps been partaking of the wacky weed almost strayed in front of us. Really, it has never been a concern crossing the road, and we go over there at least once a day to use the lap pool when we are there.

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