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    Default Augh.........CN

    Just returned yesterday from a week at our favorite Couples.
    Yes it was windy all week, and yes the temps could have been warmer, but it was not too cold, it was Jamaica, which is always a warm spot for me
    Diving was great, just the sea was little choppy. Will post dolphin video soon for all you divers we were with this past week.
    Long review to come.
    Thanks couples,

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    Great to hear you enjoyed CN. We'll be back there in late January and cannot wait!! We were also planning on going to the Dolphins Cove - so am interested in hearing your comments. Thanks. Brenda & Ken

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    Default dolphins

    No dolphin cove, this was the real deal in there home out in the sea.
    But, im sure Dolphin cove is nice as well.

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    Default dive boat at CN

    Hey Barb, was the dive boat back up and running? We are there in 20 days for some long awaited diving time.

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    Default Hello!

    Hey Barb! We sure enjoyed diving with you two! Congrats on getting your advanced certification! Hope to dive with you again back "home"! Kait and Glenn

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