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    Default Dinner for Returning Guests

    Can any of you that go back year after year tell me what time the Repeat Dinner is served?
    We are flying in on Monday, January 10th but our flight does not arrive until 4:35, will we be able to make the Dinner on time?

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    CTI repeat dinner is at 7.30. It will be tight but contact them to let them know you want to attend.

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    You might be just in time. Just depends on how long it takes you in customs. Allowing an hour for customs would put you at the resort just in time for the dinner, but coming in on a Monday night, I wouldn't think that customs would take an hour.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Which resort ? Dinner is at 730 pm, so if you are going to CN or CSA you should make it fine. However, if you at going to CTI, it could be close.

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    We are going to CSA, thanks for the information on the time > I am sure that customs will be fast, and hopefully we won't have to wait too long for others to come in so we can get going as soon as possible from the airport.
    Thank you all for your replys, at least I have a good idea about a time line now.

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    Default CSW Repeaters Dinner

    Just got back a few days ago. They now have 2 seatings, just to many repeat guest We where at the 7PM seating and I think the other was at 8:30

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