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    I've read some of the new message board posts, about the new message board, but can't figure this one out.

    How do I get the actual message part of the message board bigger?

    I have two bars or frames, one each on the left and right, with other info such as Register Now and What Happened to the Old Board.

    With these two vertical banners, I feel the board is too small to read.

    Hope someone can walk me through this....thanks!

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    At the top of this window (below all of the pictures) you will see a link for "Couples Resorts Message Board" or "Couples Main Message Board". If you right click on one of those links and then click on "open in new window" (or "tab") a new window (or tab) will open up without the frames on the side. Bookmark the new page and open from your favorites list in the future and you won't have the frames.
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    Try accessing it using this link:

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    Click on this link and save it

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