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    Default BF Suite VS BF Verandah

    My husband and I are booked for our first trip to Couples at CSA the end of January. We booked a BF Suite (F101) and now I'm wondering if a BFV would be better.

    Thanks, Cathy

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    We stayed at CSA for 5 nights in May/June. We were in a BFS the first night because there were no BFVS available. I really liked the BFS room. The balcony was huge, the bathroom was a little nicer, and it had the same really comfortable bed. I liked that it had the minibar, and I didn't miss the tv. I would seriously consider booking a BFS if/when we go back. My only issue, and it was the reason I didn't book a BFS before going, is the lack of glass in the windows. There are screens so the bugs can't get in, and you can close the shutters and the room will get cold with the AC. However, I enjoy having the shutters open and the AC on, which is not efficient. Also the BFS we were in was right by the Palms pool and Lemongrass and was loud at 5:30am with the sound of carts rolling in to setup for the day. I couldn't sleep past 6am, but this is only going to be an issue with one bldg of the BFS (I think it was #29).

    As far as the BFVS, we had a 2nd floor corner room. The balcony was much smaller but still very nice. The bathroom was a little smaller. Same minibar and bed, and we had the addition of a tv, which we barely used. We did use the AC and appreciated that we could still look out and see the beach since we didn't have to close the shutters.

    I have pictures of both rooms here:

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    The only reason I'd probably go with a beachfront verandah is because they are all exactly the same where the regular beachfront are a few different room styles and you wouldn't know which one you would get. Some are spectacular with huge porches some not so much.
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    We have been to CSA 3 times previously, and when we finally decided to choose CSA over CSS for 2010, the big decision was deciding between a beachfront verandah suite vs. beachfront suite. We had always done a BFVS before, but every single time, Bob sighs longingly at the beautiful wrap around porches on the beachfront suites. However, not every BF suite has a wraparound porch; and since there is no way to guarantee a wrap around porch, we decided to play it safe and stay with the BFVS. I also can't imagine Bob going without ESPN for 10 days (although he swears he could). We do love the views from the third floor of the BFVS (the BF suites only have 2 floors).

    A final note, there is no room number F101 - is that maybe a promotion code? They do not assign room numbers until check in. You can certainly request a preference for a room location, but they will only guarantee your room category.

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    Go with the varanda, try 4119. You'll be right upfront

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    Thank you so much for your input and for sharing your pictures!

    I guess we'll stick with the BFS and perhaps try a BFV on a return trip!

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