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    Default Balcony Question: CSS

    Hi all.

    We're down to 3 weeks until CSS. (Woohoooooooo) and let me tell you, we're coming LIMPING into this trip.

    Last trip to CSS we stayed in a 1BR BFS, which we personally didn't care for. Nice, but not our cup of tea, per se. In reading other posts, it appears that not all 1 BR Ocean Suites have the "BIG" balcony. (You know, the one with the double lounger, etc.) and as we DO spend a lot of time in our room... (cough, cough) I would like to request one of those. (I know it's not a guarantee. I know. But it never hurts to ask, right??)

    So I know that G Block has those. Does anyone else know which blocks have the big ole balconies? And what were the pros/cons of being there.

    Note: I run marathons. Steps are NOT a con.
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    We stayed in G block, the view was nice but I would do the lower class room again as we didn't feel it was worth it for us. The main thing for us was that the bedroom is at the back and the Ipod player is hard wired so we couldn't have music on the balcony. I wasn't going to turn it up and upset the rooms next door. When we did the other room we had a balcony like an outside room with wicker table and chairs and a buffet with the bar in it. We ;iked that more.

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    We stayed in F block some years ago and we had the big balcony. We had a nice view of the sea. When there is entertainment outside the Balloon Bar, we could watch it from our balcony. Some might find that a disadvantage if they need to get to sleep very early.

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    We stayed in D (Dahlia sounds so much better) Block and found the balcony comfortable. Although not large, it did have a table and chairs where we could look out over the beach while enjoying our morning coffee and pastries or late afternoon adult beverage.

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    I don't know if requesting a certain block will necessarily guarantee a large balcony, since all of the older rooms were divided up from residential apartments and may not be uniform as are the beachfront suites.

    If you would like a balcony with a double lounger, you can probably request it on the reservation, though they may not pay much attention to that per the semi-recent changes. I would suggest you be specific about what you want at check-in; if what you want is available, they will accomodate you. And if you want to take the time, assuming they're not completely full, you could ask to see the available rooms and make a decision that way.

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