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    Default Is Toya still at CN?

    We are coming home in November for trip #5. Can't wait.
    We were just wondering if Toya ia still there since she got married?
    November 24-30th

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    Would love to know this too! We will be at CN in a short 35 days, if we don't hear before then I will let you know.

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    thanks Blondie

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    Default No Toya at CN any longer..... :(

    Sorry to say that Toya Gordon is no longer at CN! She hasn't been there for a few years. She moved to upstate NY a few years back and is now married. She keeps in touch with our group after we had an outstanding week with her. Here is the last message she sent back in February (2009):

    "I just wanted to say hi to everyone, I am now living upstate New York, right now its not that cold, and also I am getting marriged on the 2nd day of spring (March 21, 2008)"


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    thanks beachbums.
    We will miss seeing her there.

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    Don't know which Toya you are speaking of. We love the Toya that now works at the front desk. She use to work with the entertainment group. When we were there last Dec she was still working at CN. She was married. I hope she is still there, she is one of our favorites

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    One employee who I remember fondly for excellent service, and had a beautiful smile was La Toya, a cocktail waitress in Cassava Terrace at CN. I do hope she's still there.

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    Toya was there in December, but was leaving in January to move to New York with her husband and go to school.

    La Toya is still there, I believe.

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    Sorry Toya is not at CN. She moved in Jan and is living in Upstate New York. I spoke with her a couple of months ago and she is doing well. Gonna miss her when we go back in Dec.

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