I have always been extremely cautious whenever we are in the caribbean about the tap water. My hubby and I have even avoided salads because of fear of it being washed in the water. We have used bottled water to brush our teeth with and when we forgot and used the tap, we would rinse our toothbrush out with Listerine.

This past Jan. we went to the DR and stayed at a 5 star, avoided tap water but still got cramps and the runs.

Last trip to Jamaica in 2005....we were not sick but only stayed for 5 days. Before that we were married in Jamaica in 2001 at the Grand Lido Braco when it was 5 star Premium. That was our 1st trip anywhere south. We did avoid tap water but ate salad etc. and got sick with cramps...spent a lot of time in the bathroom on our honeymoon.

I don't want this to happen at CN....but i never hear anyone complain about getting sick or stomach problems. Is it somehow cleaner or the water more purified at CN??? I just want to enjoy our trip to the max and I LOVE salads and hate to give them up while on vacation. I'm just afraid of the gas and cramps and trips to the bathroom. Can you repeaters give me some advice please...