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    Default Two Questions: 2012 Prices and Valentine's Day Happenings?

    Hi - I've got two questions:

    2012 Prices:
    I've been waiting for the 2012 prices, especially the super duper deals to come out. Can anyone tell me when they might be available?

    Valentine's Day Happenings:
    Can anyone tell me what CSA does for/on Valentine's Day? We're going to be there in 2011 during it so I'm just curious. I know they generally do lots of celebration stuff for holidays, just wasn't sure if they would for Valentine's Day.


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    I think they do some things as have saw this on the message board before. I'd like to know as well as we are going to be there on Valentines Day and it's also my boyfriends birthday so double celebration for us.

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    Haven't been to CSA for Valentine's since 2007 but when we have been there it has been fabulous.The centre gardens have been decorated for valentines with lights,cupid has been there and martini bar etc.There was a special buffet at poolside.The pool was filled with red and white balloons.When you returned to your room there was a special little bear waiting.I am so happy to be returning this year for valentine's celebrations.Also I love weddings and that day there are so many.I love watching all the different styles of weddings.

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    Call Couples and they will give you 2011 prices for 2012 if they do not have 2012 rates published.

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    Randymon - can you help answer?

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