Soon to be wife and I have decided on Couples in Negril, but we are struggling w/ which resort to choose. I know some have said, look @ pics, menus, etc., but we have and are still struggling w/ the decision. We are late twenties and are going in early Dec. for our honeymoon.

We are planning on snorkeling quite a bit and enjoying the water activities. We don't really care about the AN option, so that isn't really coming into play.

Here are my questions in addition to your other comments on the differences between the resorts. Is CN more AN exhibitionists and an older crowd or are both similar ages/rowdiness? I got no prob w/ the AN, just not really our thing. Like I said, we want a great sunset, lots of nice calm beautiful water to snorkel, sail, etc. in and a chill atmosphere, w/ potential to party it up later in the day. I'm sure that's what everyone is after though...

I really appreciate any guidance you can provide. Stay IRE!!