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    My wife and I are CSA veterans. We had our annual reservation all set for March but my brother decided to get married in Hawaii in February. We can't afford both and although there was debate about dropping family for CSA, we had to side with family...barely.

    We're going to split our Hawaii trip up. We'll stay at the wedding hotel for part of the time but we want to do part of the trip somewhere else with just us. Hawaii does not seem to offer all-inclusives. This will seem like an odd question for this message board and I understand if it doesn't get past the moderator, but we need help finding a resort in Hawaii that is even close to Couples.

    We love to just hang around the beach all day at CSA. We need a hotel/resort that has a private (or close to it) beach with chairs. We're also looking for similar services as CSA. ie. beach bars, fine dining and casual dining options, etc. No kids would be a plus but I doubt that will be found.

    Does anybody have any suggestions for us? This is our first trip to Hawaii and probably our last. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. This experience really reinforces the great deal that is Couples and reminds us why we come back each year.

    We're already looking forward to our 2012 trip back home. We miss you Jamaica!

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    try this! Probably the closest thing you will find!
    check out my site for some good pricing on this resort just go to "Hotels" tab up top and search away!!
    Good luck and I feel your pain Hawaii is the last place on my list of where I want to go LOL

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    without knowing exactly what island you are going to be on, or which one you'd like to go to after the wedding, i can't say for sure. but each of the islands will have big hotel resorts that will offer chairs for the beach and dining options. my preference however is to do a condo rental, which usually includes all the necessary beach items. unless you are staying in honolulu, you will need to rent a car, and there are numerous fine dining locations on all of the islands. the big island does have one "all-inclusive" resort, but it pales in comparison to Couples, and is very expensive. every beach in HI is public, so depending on where you go it can be crowded. my personal favorite island is Kauai, with Maui being a close second. In Kauai, the southern shore of Poipu is sunnier than the north, and the Kaanapali area of Maui is nice. Napili on Maui is not as crowded and very nice. If you have any questions you can contact me at brandon_dotson @ hotmail dot com.

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