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    Default Breakfast at CSS?

    We booked April 28-May 4 for our first ever Couples vacation and I'm wondering which restaurants serve breakfast. The dining info shows that the restaurants all open in the evening, the grill menu does not feature any breakfast choices, and even the in-room dining menu, although available from 6am, lists no breakfast options, just lunch and dinner. Thanks for any help.

    Too many days away from Jamaica...stuck in blistery Chicago.

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    First Couples trip - CSS April 28 - May 4, 2011.

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    Donna - Pallazina is the only restaurant that serves breakfast, and a wonderful breakfast it is! You can also order room service for breakfast, if you wish. We are going back to CSS for trip #3 April 2 to April 11. If you'd like, send us an e-mail to, and we'll send you lots of information about CSS, along with some of our pictures.

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    Palazzina serves breakfast. This is the restaurant located on the main lawn at beach level. It is wonderful to sit on the outside terrace and gaze at the beautiful sea while sipping mimosas. You can also sit inside in the air conditioning. They have a breakfast buffet and also an omlette station. We never went hungry at breakfast.

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    The Palazzina Restaurant for breakfast or a beautiful beginning to day by having breakfast on your balcony with your significant other.
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    The breakfast buffet at CSS is at Pallazina and it's fabulous. You can sit inside or outside and no reservations are needed. The buffet inside has a grand assortment of fruits, bagels, muffins and the pre-cooked hot items change daily (Sausage, bacon, etc). The mimosas and juice are inside and coffee is served by the fantastic waitstaff. On the side of the patio you will find a made-to-order omelet & eggs station. This was so good, we often planned our watersports for later in the day so we could have a hearty breakfast. It is worth rising and shining for!

    I hope someone else will post re:in-room dining breakfast options as we never ordered in at CSS.

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    Huge breakfast buffet at the Palazina every morning. You name it and they have it. All the traditional American items plus a lot more. We did not enjoy their in-room continental breakfast. It's worth it to walk to the Palazina. You can always take it back to your room if you like breakfast on your patio/ balcony.
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    Just returned from CSS. The room service breakfast is ordered the night before. You complete a request tag and leave it on your door. They call before they bring it. You can order fruit, yogurt, bagels and pastries. They always bring yummy coffee and juice as well.
    Palazzina has a breakfast buffet every morning. 7:30 am to 10:30 am... you can get some stuff until 11 am. There was some limited fruit, yogurt, cereal, toast, eggs (any way including made to order omelets) and french toast. They also had bacon and sausage. Each morning would also have some type of potato and even some odd items such as baked beans. We ordered room service early and had a light snack of fruit and yogurt, then went running and then made it to the buffet each morning. It was all good. Enjoy

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    TY everyone. I see now that Palazzina serves breakfast. I think I skipped down to the dinner hours and overlooked that part. I love this message board. I've not seem such a fabulous resource and community with any of the other resorts I've researched. My email address is If anyone wants to share photos,info, tips, feel free to drop me a line.
    We finally found each other.
    First Couples trip - CSS April 28 - May 4, 2011.

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    Default Try room service at least once

    We were at CSS last year and the message board alerted me to putting the card out the night before and getting a nice choice of pastries, yogurt, smoked salmon if you wish, fruit, coffee and juice.
    We LOVED sitting on the balcony with our breakfast. Oncly once did we actually go for buffet breakfast. We found the room service breakfast to be great (you can customize like ask for special fruit).

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