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    Default Our Wedding September 22, 2009

    I am so excited. I will be 47 getting married for the 1st time. My fiancee is so exceptional special, he surprised me with this once in a lifetime wonderful trip. So I would not have to stress over planning a traditional wedding. We are both very sociable people, and we are looking forward to meeting our new CSA family. If you have any special ideas please feel free to share them. We are open to seeking out new fun. Thanks.

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    Congrats We will be @ CSA Sept. 20-30 & will be getting married on the 23rd!! I'm sure you are just as excited & nervous as I am!!! Good luck with all the last minute planning & im sure you will have a beautiful day

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    Default We are sharing the day!!!

    Congrats to you both!
    Christy and I are sharing your day! We are going to be getting married at 2:22 on the 22nd...except we are at CTI. Congrats again!

    Clint and Christy - Ohio, USA

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    MixyVixen, Thank you for sharing, maybe we will see each other on our special day. We are getting married at 11:00am, and then we are going out on the catamaran cruise to celebrate. I am so excited, as I know you must. Congratulations!

    Clint & Christy, Congratulations on your big day. Please share your experience.

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