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    Default CSA - Christmas Day through New Years

    My husband and I will be at CSA for the 10th time from Dec 25 through Jan 3 but we've never stayed at the resort over the holidays. Is there anything special happening on December 25? Also, what is New Years Eve like? Do people get VERY dressed up and what is the entertainment like for the evening? Is it at the Palms?

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    We were at CSA last Christmas. On Christmas Eve there is a big party in the middle of the grounds (and lucky us, it was literally right outside of our room -- which was so fun to hang out on our balcony and get a birds eye view of it all!). Everything is decorated and there are carolers. Christmas in Jamaica is amazing and I hate that we won't be there for it this year, but hoping for next. Make sure you try the sorrel - it's a drink only available at this time of the year. It's non-alcoholic, but add some grey goose and have a sorreltini... delish! I wasn't there for New Years Eve but am sure it's a pretty amazing experience! Have a great time!
    Melea & Joseph
    CN - '06, '07, '08
    CSS and CSA - '09
    CSA - '10

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    Default Anyone Ever Visit CSA New Years Eve?

    We are there 12/26 to 1/2 ... Just wondering what happens on New Years Eve.

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    Thanks, Melea. Is there anything going on special for XMAS day? Or is everyone recovering from Christmas Eve? We arrive XMAS day and will miss the 24th party.

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    Hm, on Christmas Day I remember Santa arriving, but I missed it because I was getting a massage! I really can't think of a better way to spend Christmas Day than getting a massage in beautiful Jamaica. Then we spent the rest of the day out by the pool and in the ocean. We walked around taking pictures and videos of us saying "can you believe we are here for Christmas!!!"

    But I'm guessing you're wondering about entertainment... I'm really not sure, because that night we actually had a private dinner on the beach, which lasts a few hours. So, we weren't a part of the evening entertainment, sorry. I remember seeing other posts on here about Christmas and New Years activities, though.

    The resort is decorated for Christmas with Christmas lights on palm trees and various trees decorated in the front lobby and throughout the resort. Sorry I am not more help since I was leaving about the time you were arriving but trust me, it's magical!
    Melea & Joseph
    CN - '06, '07, '08
    CSS and CSA - '09
    CSA - '10

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    We were there for Christmas last year, too. Each of the restaurants offers a special menu for Christmas. Santa arrives on the beach in the morning, so unfortunately you will probably miss that (it was at 10AM or 11AM). There is a special pamphlet of activities that they left in our room a few days beforehand to list the menus and other activities. I assume that you can get one at check-in. Also, last year they left us a Christmas ornament made out of a shell.

    We (Brian and Laura) will be there 12/18 - 12/26 - can't wait!

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    We have been to CSA twice from 12/27-1/3. Every year they throw the biggest and BEST NYE party!! And each year its a different theme so you will not be disappointed! The first time we went was James Bond 007 theme (turning from 2006 to 2007) this last NYE was Eco-Green theme. I don't want to give away too much info because I want you to experience it...but the food-AWESOME! You can pick the Palms (HUGE buffet) or you can reserve a table there or at Patois (I would recommend reserving a table) We did Patois the first year and did upstairs (lemongrass area, even though lemongrass is closed) so we could have a prime seat for the entertainment. The entertainment...the staff never lets you down but on NYE they go all out!

    I have seen people dressed from full tuxedo's to nice dress shirts/pants and full length formal dresses to simple casual beach dresses.

    We aren't able to go for NYE this year and I am already missing it and NY will not be the same for me this year. You will have the best time, that I promise!
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    Thanks everyone. We are have a super early flight from NY on XMAS Day and should be on the beach with drink in hand at noon! Dec 25 is my husband's birthday so what better way to spend it than at SA! And, New Years Eve sounds great. Which place is better? What is happening at Patois for entertainment XMAS Eve or does everyone go from Patois over to the Palms for the show?

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    I thought it was interesting NYE at CSA as some people dressed in tuxes, some dressed in Kilts, while others had the beach theme attire going strong. It was extremly warm and a full "suit" might be a bit much but climatize the suit and you'll fit in no matter what. After the balloons fall, rush out to the beach to watch the fireworks nearby! Enjoy

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