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    Default At CN right now!

    I thought I posted something yesterday, but can't find it. Hmmm maybe I had too much rum and didn't hit "post"! I am HOME! It is just awesome as always! The deck of the beach grill area is new. Very nice dark, kinda burlwood look. New chairs in the internet room. We have already hugged all our favorite "family" members! Once again, we are remembering why we return!!

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    Go ahead and order me a Red Stripe and a wine for the wife...I'll be there around 2p or so on Thursday to pick it up!!

    Never take life too'll never get out of it alive!!

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    Hope you are having a wonderful time! I am so jealous!! Can you find out how Meesha is doing? She is a bartender there and she was to have a baby in November.

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    We'll be there in a few weeks! Please let me know if there is pizza at the grill. Someone said they had discontinued it.

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    Sounds wonderful. Hope that the weather is good. It's COLD here in Florida. Tell Ivylynn we'll see her tomorrow!

    Keep it jiggy, baby. Everytime!

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    Meesha is doing very well and is on maternity leave. There is no pizza anymore but they still have the nachos

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    Default banchi

    Well, we could not dive this afternoon because the wind was to high. Sorry but my husband and I tried to drink all the Red Stripe! We will try to leave you some but you better hurry HOME!

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    I noticed the winds looked a little brisk. Sorry to hear it is cutting into your dive time. Looks like it may lay down some, but not sure how winds affect that area for diving. Put the beer on ice...we are on our way soon!!!

    Never take life too'll never get out of it alive!!

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    The wind was pretty rough this morning but we were able to go out for the dive, just about an hour late. No pm dive. The wind is calming down and right now it is very nice here. Hope we get two dives tomorrow. It is really cold, for Jamaica, here now. Anyone on their way might want to bring a sweatshirt or sweater.

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    I am soooo excited! My husband and I are coming to Couples Negril for the very first time in January! I read trip advisor EVERY day to see if there are any new reviews and I look on the message board too! With all the lovely comments on these I know that we are going to have the best time and meet lots of lovely people too!!!! Can't wait!!

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    Sorry you are getting the cold weather and that diving is affected..Hopefully it has calmed down some!


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    You are just going to LOVE CN!!! Linda, it was calmer today and we got the two dives in. It is COLD! Still awesome.

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    We finally made it after a two hour delay (one engine decided to not work right before we took off!!). We'll be at the pool bar in the morning!!

    Never take life too'll never get out of it alive!!

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    We are counting the days till we return which by the way we will be landing in 8 days 3 hours and 43 minutes but who's counting. 12/18 thru 12/26 at CN so looking forward to returning and celebrating Christmas with our Jamaican family.

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    ncnedder: No second count????? haha! Banchi where are you? I might have to drink this Red Stripe I'm holding for you! I will post a full review when I get home. Right now I'm on our deck, drinking the champagne we got as repeaters ( no chocolate! They WILL hear about THAT! haha) My feet are propped up with a pillow as I listen to the surf and watch the sunset! Hubby is napping so we can stay up with Mr. Tucker! I LOVE CN!

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    Default So Sad!

    Bags out by the door and getting ready to leave I will post a review when I get home.

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    How cold is cold?

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    LeeandKathy, Breezy and a sweater in the evening. Not cold like at home,haha, just cold for Jamaica. We had never been there in December and were surprised at the temp. We dive and the water was 81. I wore my thicker suit all dives. They told us it's "the Christmas Breeze". As soon as the sun started to set, say 4, everyone left the beach. We stayed just put an other towel on top.

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