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    Default Live from CSA 7/27

    Room Categories. Room 4117 is an OFVS (ocean front verandah suite).

    Pools. Intimate and small. Smallest we have encountered in any of our travels.

    Seagrapes. Veggie burger. Excellent. For those concerned that they are more of a "meat eater" my husband says you really wouldn't know the difference. Roxanne provided excellent conversation and service. The pumpkin jalepeno dip is fantastic!

    Cabana Grill. Doesn't leave any impression on us with respect to food or service.

    Beach service today was once again phenomenal with the addition of cold towels being presented. That's a first for us in all of our travels. Heat index in the 100's so you can imagine that guests are very appreciative. Yanick was both pleasant and attentive. Never had to place flag in sand, she just took the extra time to watch our beverages throughout the day.

    Jellyfish. Saw 1 today. Yes it was clear but had a pink center. Size was about 8 inches in diameter. This is the only wildlife I have seen to date in the water.

    Palms for dinner. International theme tonight. Sushi, italian, creole seafood, a variety of meat including roasted lamb, beef, chicken and fish. Water glasses never more than half empty. Service was excellent

    Fitness Center. Plenty of machines (do not be concerned). Played tennis. Center includes both clay and hard courts. Shaun was more than happy to converse and provide beverages of our choice. For those who are more health conscious, protein shakes, vitamin water etc...are available.

    Jet skied, while not part of the resort this was a great experience. Water is very calm as compared to other beaches we have experienced. Thanks Elvis!

    Room Safes. Interior is about 6 inches tall by 16 wide by 16 inches deep. They work great!

    Diana and Wesley (Happy in Jamaica ) Thanks Couples!!!!

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    great info Diana ... we'll be there on Friday ... can't wait.


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    Thanks for the live report! Makes me home sick but is nice to read... I'm so happy you're enjoying. Kevangela - have an awesome time too!!! If any of you happen to talk w/Elvis (again) please tell him Wendy & Sal say Hi! and we'll see him on the beach Nov 27th(in the pm)!!! If you see Wendy, Mae and peter aroudn please also extend our hellos and we can't wait to see them again too! OK, get back to your vacation now and have a ball! Razzl

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    Thanks for the great report. We will be at CSA for the first time 8/19/09 - can't wait. The more we read about it the more excited we get. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for posting.

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    Hoping to try CSA this next trip on the trading places dealie...If we get to spend the day there, then we will have experienced 3 couples resorts....I am beginning to think that you can't go wrong with ANY of them....went to a bbq last night and I was accused by our friends as beinga P.R. guy for Couples...and that I should work for them...

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    Thanks for checking in! So 'home sick' and can't wait to get back in Dec. Love those veggie burgers. Be sure to share pictures of your OFVS and views too if you can.

    Hope you're having a blast!

    Kevin & Angie

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