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    Default CTI Horseback and other activities schedule

    Does anyone have an updated activities schedule that includes horseback riding? Horseback is not on the current list but I have read recent posts about it. Also curious about any other activity not on the current list.
    Thanks in advance - we'll be at CTI January 23-30.

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    I just got back a couple of weeks ago, and according to my schedule.

    Every day except Saturday and Sunday.
    8:15am, 11:00am, 1:45pm
    Weight limit 250lbs
    Excursion lasts for 2 hours, wear long pants and sneakers

    Must sign up in advance.

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    Wow, this was just the information I was looking for. Think I could sign up for 4 of these excursions for the week I'm there, maybe 2 on one day? (Hare we cross over! Jan 28-Feb 4)
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    Stick with one a day and make it the early one. It gets REALLY hot in the saddle down there.

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    When you say wear long pants...would a pair of denim capris be ok???

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    We went horseback riding Jan. 3. We did the 11:00 trip and since the weather has not been that hot in Jamaica lately, it was fine. I would recommend long pants over capri length pants. I wore long yoga pants and that was perfect. Not too thick and heavy like jeans, but yet offered the leg coverage. Hubby wore jeans, as he's not into yoga pants! LOL.
    We really enjoyed the riding. The horses are well looked after, the guides friendly and informative, and all in in all one of the most well organized rides I've ever done. Yes, it's tame in that you only walk, but it's more about enjoying the countryside. They take a ton of photos, and even with your own camera. So we bought the CD anyway to support them.
    You even get off for a demo and tasting of some local fruits. 10 out of 10 tour.
    Oh, and we realized we forgot bug spray, but no worries, they spray you before you get on.

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    That's great info, thanks I'm thinking layered tank tops and a pair of khaki's, sunglasses and maybe a hat, IDK. I actually like the heat so I'd rather do the 11 or 1 ride, but my BF will likely be up by then so I'd probably have to be back. Ugh. Boys ruin all the fun LOL

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    He's not going with you?!! Tell him he should! Really, it's such a nice thing to do together. Everyone in out group was couples and they put us all on horses that went well together so that we could stand the horses side by side and get couple's photos kissing and such. Same off the horses at the fruit demo. Tell him it's a really tame ride and the horses are very gentle.

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    Jamaica - He lives with the belief that horses seem to hate him, so getting him to agree with be hard. I'm sure I'll get him to try it one but I don't know. Either way, not gonna let him keep me from it.

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    Just an FYI, there are two different Horseback trips that alternate, at least there were last year. I plantation tour and a mountain ride. Be sure to find out which one is going which day if you have a preference. My wife is not a big fan of horses but I talked her into going, thinking it was the calm plantation ride, to find out we were going on the mountain ride which can be pretty steep and along some narrow paths. I still thought it was fantastic and the view at the top was great, she said never again. have fun, CTI is incredible.

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    I might take the wife, when we go, on the horseback ride. Of course, it all depends on one thing...
    Some background:
    We did something similar for our honeymoon. We went to Mackinac Island (Michigan, no motor vehicles on the island) for our honeymoon. We went through one of the horseback places, which was quite nice. The problem is, I'm about 6'-1" / 2" with long legs. They couldn't get the stirrups down as low as I needed, despite trying a few different saddles! So, I spent the ride with my legs bent rather than almost straight (almost like sitting in a chair.) Quite sore when I was done.

    I would hope the saddles at CTI have longer stirrups, so that I could enjoy this...

    CTI in 282d:2hr:12min

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    Woo hoo! Looks like we'll be there the same time as a few of you too! Jan 29-Feb5th. Can't wait to see you all there!

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    We will be at CTI Jan 27 - Feb 1. I would like to find someone to go on the horseback rides with me as my husband is too big of a guy to ride. Plus, my husband prefers to dive and snorkle anyway. It would be great if we could find another couple in a similar situation. Maybe the gals could ride and the guys could dive together.

    I am a very experienced rider - a cowgirl from the eastern plains of Colorado who owns and operates a horse rescue.

    My husband is a Padi certified diver that gained his certification in one of the best places ever - HAWAII. He has many many dives under is belt, but unfortunately since he has lived in Colorado(the last 10 years)he hasn't gotten to dive much.

    Please feel free to e-mail me at if you are going to be at CTI during the same time.

    -Dawn and James
    (3 more sleeps and a plane ride away)

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    We're there Jan 28-Feb 4 dondesi. We'll see ya there.

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