We would like to fly Timair from MoBay to CSS but are wondering how far away the small airport is from CSS and whether the resort will provide us with transportation. Do you actually save time on the trip to CSS?

We used Timair last year for our vacation at CN but there the airport is right across the street - so it is very handy. Huge timesavings!

Anyone want to share the flight? A better deal to have 2 couples on board! We will be arriving in MoBay Jan 29 @ approx 1:25pm and returning to MoBay on Feb 5 early afternoon.

According to an email from TimAir the prices are as follows for flights MoBay to Ocho Rios: $466 all in for 2 one way / $920 return. Price for 4 is $532 one way / $1040 return. Much better deal for 4!