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    11 Days until CSA....I need some help.....I would like to go to sleep until the day before we leave,,,can someone please recommend some product that will accomplish this request,,,I need to sleep for at least 10 days,,,NO OTHER WAY I WILL BE ABLE TO STAND THE WAIT,,,,send suggestions,,,

    Thanks in advance....

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    What a brilliant idea! We have 36 more sleeps til our trip and I need to lose another 7lbs. If I could sleep through Christmas and all of the cake, cookie and pie offerings I might just do it!

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    I've often wished for a fast-forward button.

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    I understand how exciting it is to go to Couples! My husband is a sleeping pill taker; he works crazy hours and need to sleep when he can - soundly. Your local grocery or drug store will have sleeping pills. My husband prefers the Walgreens brand; it is next to the Tylenol. I recommend getting the kind without Tylenol or aspirin in them, no need to put extra medicine in your system if you donít need it. It recommends you take 2 but start with 1 and se how that works.

    (I am not a doctor or recommending you try anything without checking with your doctor or pharmacist first)

    Best of luck - enjoy your trip!

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    You could always see what Ripvanwinkle's 'pill' was. Perhaps that would do it for you!

    Go ahead and pull out your suitcase and pack and repack it a few times. That can take up a bit of time. Also remember each time you repack to get rid of a few things as you will end up with more clothes than you need. We've been to Couples 5 times and I always pack too much. Instead of removing clothes I always grab something for 'just in case' and 'in-case' never comes! Save room for souvenirs to bring home with you.

    Good luck on the wait, it is well worth it.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I know you can have a medically induced coma... that might work but find a hopsital to be willing to do it might be tough... just go 10 days early to Jamaica....and stay longer!!

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    Try a nice glass or wine.

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    lol...very cute!...Here's your sleeping pill....We have more than 100 days before we go to a quit your

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    Hello, Unfortunately DH and I have 102 days to go, so I dont think we could sleep that long!!!! But, we will be doing the double digit dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One Love,

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    Benadryl! Its benign, non-habit forming, and most of the sleep aids use the main ingredient. We give it to all my psych patients in the hospital who need to "sleep" for a while.

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    I worked nights for 10 years, and would regularly have to stay awake to attend court. After being awake for 16 hours, then needing to fall asleep quickly in order to be rested to return to work, I took tylenol PM every day for years.

    When my doc finally learned of this, he chastised me - he said that my liver or kidneys would become damaged, and insisted on benadryl. Now I buy the wal-mart brand, 100 tablets for $4.00 which works just as well.

    In Jamaica, the sleeping pills are free. They call them Wild Turkey & Pepsi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by helldog View Post
    In Jamaica, the sleeping pills are free. They call them Wild Turkey & Pepsi.
    LOVE IT... I think in Jamaica it is really SUN N FUN! Just so relaxing its not hard to sleep. And lots of alcohol sure doesn't hurt!

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    Hockeydad4, you are there now and need to somehow find something that slloooowwwwwwws down time! I'll bet you are working on packing as much bliss into every minute as I type this! Enjoy for the rest of us too, we miss home!!

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    If you do a lot of procrastinating with your dieting and packing the last few days just fly by! lol

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