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    Default Question about Room Requests

    I completely understand that Couples, like many resorts, can not always honor specific room requests. However, I would hope (more like assume) that if we're paying for the most expensive room type and are then told that we're not getting that room that we could get the monetary difference of the two types of rooms back. Am I correct in assuming this?

    How does Couples handle this if guests book through a travel agent (like me for example) and have already paid that agent for a more expensive room type but then had to stay in a cheaper room?
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    In our 18 trips to Couples, we have always stayed in the room category booked. Unless I've completely misunderstood your question, I think you might be misconstruing what is meant by "room requests" on this MB. In saying that Couples cannot honor specific room requests, Couples is staying that it can't guarantee a specific room, not room category.

    For example, there are 12 beachfront suites at CN; our favorite is 6301. If we book a beachfront suite, Couples will give us a beachfront suite, but if I specifically request Room 6301, Couples will not guarantee that that specific room will be available. Hope that helps.
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    I believe they mean they can't honor requests for specific room or building numbers. If you paid for a specific category of room you will get that category.

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    Got it, thank you!
    Danielle & Mike
    ----> Honeymooned at CSA June '11!
    --------> Really can't wait to be "home" again!

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    You will get a difference in the price. I am the unfortunate case of having been twice and both times not getting the atrium I requested when we arrived. The first time we were paid the difference & got a spa credit. This last time (November) we were upgraded. After the first night we have always gotten out atrium. My husband tried to explain that we don't care for the TV and upgrade, we LOVE the atriums & would pay more for them if we had too.

    I hope that the third time is the charm for us. In November 2011 we are going back & hope to get the atrium on the first night.

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    Terri- We may have to join you. Keep us posted on the dates you pick. I can't wait another 5 years.

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