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    Default 29 Jan to 5 Feb anyone?

    We're so excited to be going to CTI! This will be our first visit. We're in our mid 20's and looking for advice on things to make sure that we do while we're there. Also, if anyone else is going to be there at that time then let us know!

    Donnie and Desiree

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    Hey dondesi! We are at CTI for the same days as you IT is also our first visit so it would be nice to have a couple to explore the resort with. What time are you arriving at the airport on the 29th?

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    PS. Are you going to be posting pics so we know who you are?

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    We will be there at the same time! Second trip to Jamaica, first time was at CSS and we are super excited for CTI! Hope to share a drink or several

    Kelly & Dan

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    Hey Kelly and Dan, I noticed on your profile that you're from Ontario as well. Are you flying out from Toronto? My husband and I booked our flight from Ottawa but have a two hour stop over at Toronto so we may be on the same flight

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    Yes S! We are flying out of Toronto at 10:25am, into MB I think around 2:30pm. What is your flight time? We are in our 30's and are excited to get some R&R Jamaica style, we are pretty laid back, and fun - hope to enjoy a drink with some fellow Canadians
    Only 7 more sleeps!!!!

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    YAY! So glad to hear that we'll have some great company! We're from the dc area, and we'll be arriving at the airport at 11:15.

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    also shan, I just posted a profile picture for donnie and i

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    Yay! After reading through the MB I was beginning to wonder if there would be any fun people in our age range (early 30's) on the resort at the same time as us. Now those fears have been eased! I mean first of all; Kelly and Dan, who are Canadian, and therefore guaranteed to be nice, fun people. And Donnie and Desiree who, by your photo alone, are a cute couple and therefore (judging a book by it's cover) must be nice and fun as well I'm pretty sure we depart Toronto at 9:30ish and land in Jamaica at 1:30ish so we may not see you guys at the airport but we'll all be at the CTI by Saturday evening. I'll (attempt) to add a pic of Kevin and I when I get home this evening so that you guys will know who we are as well. Can't wait to meet you all and have a few drinks

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    4 more sleeps!!!! Who is excited? Can't wait to meet you too dondesi!!! I will try and add a picture to our profile ... if I can figure it out

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    Hey Gang! I added our pic so we can find each other. 3 more sleeps and the level of excitement is growing every day

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