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    Default CTI over the holidays???

    Who all plans to be at the island over Christmas holiday? It will be our first time going AN, so we are nervous about going to the island. Just hoping we made a good choice to make our first time on a holiday!!! I'm hoping that people can share their experiences staying at CTI over Christmas and if they enjoyed it. ANY input or advice would be much appreciated!
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    ...also, we are in our early 30's, will we fit in with the crowd?

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    EVERYone fits in, from younger than you, to older than you. People are ageless when they are in Paradise. What dates will you be there? We're looking forward to relaxing and renewing from Dec. 11-23. Where are you from? We're in Wisconsin.

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    We will be at CTI from the 24th through the 28th, so I guess we will miss you, bummer. We're from Florida. The first time on the island is it more comfortable to just go straight to the pool, or hang out on your own for a while?

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